Zahna – Drown

Labels:Rockfest Records, LLC
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:20
From the Album:Drown
Formats:Christian CHR,Christian Hot AC,Christian Rock,Christian Top 40
Available Date & Time: Oct 12 2018 15:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Oct 10 2018 00:00:00



After separation with former band “ILIA” in late 2016, Suzy Martinez returns with a vengeance.


The 25-year-old singer moves head-strong into a solo career, debuting as “Zahna”, a name deriving from the English abbreviation for the Hispanic singer’s full name “Susana” (sue-SAH-nah). By fusing gritty and industrial guitar riffs with technical drum elements, the new music features Martinez’s aggressive vocal style that gives birth to what will now be known as “Zahna.” Sources say that “the new songs will not only demand your attention, but command an emotional response that will leave the listener feeling whatever the songs want them to feel.” After Martinez’ success as the primary songwriter of past band ILIA’s EP, “Reborn” (2014), her personal fans undoubtedly believe that Zahna’s newest full-length record, will not disappoint.



Contact info: 

Donna Del Sesto 
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