Zack Walther – DFW

Labels:Brad Paul Media
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:20
From the Album:DFW
Available Date & Time: Dec 02 2019 08:00:00 EST

Zack Walther Band
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new single from
The Westerner

 “Whether it’s on record or a live performance, you can always count on Zack Walther to make use of one hell of a high-powered voice” – Rodney Crowell
 “Zack Walther is the best undiscovered talent in the state of Texas.  With this new record, that statement should no longer be true.  Time for the rest of the country to learn what we’ve known for years – Zack Walther is great.  Get on it.”   — Mattson Rainer,  KNBT 
“So, this writer’s comparison to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins isn’t far-fetched at all. Truth be known, Walther may have built his reputation as a country singer, but this is one heck of a soul record.”  –  Jim Hynes,  Elmore Magazine
“The Westerner, out October 25th, a roots-rock album with shades of soul and Americana, led by one helluva singer, Zack Walther.”
 – Martine Ehrenclou, Rock & Blues Muse     
Tour Dates:

12/2/2019  Sternewirth at Hotel Emma- San Antonio, TX

12/4/2019  Freiheit Country Store- New Braunfels, TX

12/6/2019   The Kenney Store- Kenney, TX

12/7/2019   The Dirty South- Angleton, TX

12/11/2019  Freiheit Country Store- New Braunfels, TX

12/14/2019   Dog & Pony Grill- Boerne, TX

12/18/2019   Freiheit Country Store- New Braunfels, TX

12/20/2019   House of Fifi DiBois- San Angelo, TX

12/21/2019  Madeline Hindman 5k Christmas Stroll- New Braunfels, TX

12/31/2019   JW Marriott Hill Country Resort & Spa- San Antonio, TX

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Brad Paul Media
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