TWICE ROBIN – Ain’t Nobody But The Lord

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From the Album:Ain’t Nobody But The Lord
Formats:Americana,Christian Country,Southern Gospel
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Nashville TN



"Ain’t Nobody But The Lord"



Nashville, TN Christian Country artists Twice Robin (Robin D. Bullock and Robin R. Bullock) is releasing “Ain’t No Body” TODAY. Their sound has garnered them the Country Christian Music Award’s (CCMA) Vocal Duo of the Year, Group of the Decade, and DJ’s Pick for Duo of the Year and Vocal Duo of the Year. They were also inducted into the Alabama Country and Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2006.


Original founders of The Youth Force Ministries International Church in their hometown of Warrior, Alabama, in 1988 and in 2002, they decided to take a break to concentrate on their music. 


“We used the induction into the Alabama Country and Gospel Music Hall of Fame as a cap to go ahead and come off the road, move home and start the youth ministry again,” Robin D. said. So, they returned to their other passion and calling — youth ministry and re-established the community outreach called Youth Force, a non-traditional ministry dedicated to impacting the lives of today’s youth. They are now still very active in the Church International in Warrior, AL and performing when possible.


Twice Robin Backstory:


Twice Robin, award-winning duo of Robin Rena Youngblood & Robin Dale Bullock, met in the hills of Blount County Alabama in 1977. Both played for different groups, however they were destined to be together forever. Married in 1979, so young most said they would never make it, but they're still together today! Working on almost 40 years together.


Robin Rena began singing almost from the time she could talk in their family church, Youngblood Chapel. There at three years old, Robin's first stage was a piano bench! Robin has her own unique rich voice that has led the duo to multiple nationally charted singles. How such a giant voice can come from such a petite lady is truly remarkable. From age three on a piano bench, to her first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, Robin's voice was destined to be heard around the world!


Robin Dale's background is somewhat different. He has been on the road since he was born. Mr. Robin's dad played for people like Doug Kershaw and Tommy Cash. Robin was inspired to play the guitar by his uncle who was dubbed the "Best in the South". When Robin performs you will see why one D.J. called him the best guitar player she has ever heard!



Robin D. developed a heart for youth when he was a troubled teenager. Since his parents were musicians, he spent most of his time on the road being toted from one gig to the next. When his family settled down, he was a lonely teenager, looking for acceptance. “I wanted to get involved and was involved in some gangs,” Robin D. said. “It wasn’t good for me. What drew most people into the gangs was camaraderie – you know wearing the same clothes, the same colors.”


Many years later, Robin D. followed in his parents’ footsteps as a musician and managing several bands, but he said he was miserable. Until one day he got into the car and listened to the gospel tape his sister had placed in his stereo. “It got to me. I just kept thinking that there’s got to be more than what I’m doing.”


Before he knew it, the Lord had changed Robin D.’s heart, allowing him to break free from the secular music business and into ministry. With his new wife by his side, Robin D. began using his experience as a teenager to target the youth of Birmingham.


Based on the concept of the army of God, the Bullock’s turned an old grocery store into a weekend hot spot for youth. On Friday and Saturday nights, the kids could watch -Christian music videos, witness dramas and hear a message of hope.


In order to create the militaristic atmosphere, they painted a city scene and skyline on the stage, placed street lamps throughout the building and decorated the walls with camouflage and Christian graffiti. “It’s the same concept as me wanting to be in gang. They want to belong, so we wanted to create a non-threatening environment where they can belong.”



As the Bullock’s followed the Lord’s calling with this ministry, He continued to bless their efforts. Within two years, 2,000 people had become Christians, and as many as 400 kids came to know the Lord in one weekend rally.



Robin D. said they started the program to reach the youth for the Lord. “As Christians we have to live for somebody else, not ourselves. And I’m trying to point them [the youth] to the only one who can change them.” The youth of north Jefferson County, AL, can enlist in the army — the Lord’s army, that is.



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