1. Play MPE® Gorillaz – Meanwhile

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Alternative)

Warner Records 
2. Play MPE® Son Volt – Living In The USA

(Non-Commercial, Folk, NPR, AAA, Triple A, Americana)

Thirty Tigers / Transmit Sound 
3. Play MPE® Son Savage – The River

(Non-Commercial, AAA, College, NPR)

Say Records 
4. Play MPE® Samantha Fish – Better Be Lonely

(Non-Commercial, Americana, NPR, College, AAA, Triple A, Sports, Specialty, Blues, Talk)

Rounder / Concord 
5. Play MPE® Birdtalker – Old Sob Story

(AAA, Triple A, Americana)

AntiFragile Music 
6. Play MPE® Adam Melchor – What A Damn Shame

(Non-Commercial, AAA)

Warner Records 
7. Play MPE® They Might Be Giants – I Can’t Remember The Dream

(Non-Commercial, NPR, College, AAA, Alternative, Rock – Specialty)

Idlewild Recordings 
8. Play MPE® Tall Heights – Hear It Again

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A, NPR)

Tall Heights 
9. Play MPE® Daisy the Great x AJR – Record Player

(AAA, Alternative)

S-Curve Records / Hollywood Records 
10. Play MPE® Sue Foley – Pinky’s Blues

(Non-Commercial, NPR, College, AAA, Triple A, Active Rock, Americana, Rock)

Stony Plain Records 
11. Play MPE® Emily Wolfe – Vermillion Park

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A, NPR)

Crows Feet Records 
12. Play MPE® The Connells – Really Great

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A, NPR)

Missing Piece Records / Black Park Records 
13. Play MPE® Rhett Repko – Late Nights

(AAA, Triple A)

Rhett Repko 
14. Play MPE® Bria – Dreaming My Dreams With You (Waylon Jennings cover)

(Non-Commercial, NPR, College, Triple A, Country, Specialty, Americana)

Sub Pop Records 
15. Play MPE® The Wilderness of Manitoba – Farewell To Cathedral

(Non-Commercial, NPR, College, AAA, Triple A)

Popguru Sound & Vision 
16. Play MPE® Christian Lopez – Sick Of Me

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A, NPR)

Red Light Management 
17. Play MPE® Caribou – “You Can Do It”

(Non-Commercial, NPR, AAA, Triple A, Specialty)

Merge Records 
18. Play MPE® The Linda Lindas – Oh!

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Alternative, NPR)

19. Play MPE® Emilie Kahn – Gemini

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

Secret City Records 
20. Play MPE® Sue Foley – Hurricane Girl

(Non-Commercial, NPR, College, AAA, Triple A, Americana)

Stony Plain Records 

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