1. Play MPE® Robert Plant, Alison Krauss – Raise The Roof

(Folk, Rock – Specialty, Country, AAA, College, Sports, Triple A, Americana, NPR, Talk, Non-Commercial)

Rounder / Concord 
2. Play MPE® Ane Brun – From Me To You

(Country, AAA, Sports, Triple A, Holiday, Christmas, NPR, AC, Non-Commercial)

Universal Music / Balloon Ranger Recordings 
3. Play MPE® Eddie Vedder – The Haves

(AAA, Non-Commercial)

Republic Records 
4. Play MPE® Mike Farris – Havana Santa

(AAA, Americana, Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A)

Compass Records 
5. Play MPE® Natalie Nicole Gilbert – Victory (Music Video Mix)

(Christian AC, AAA, Triple A)

Harbor Road Entertainment / Holiday 
6. Play MPE® Simon and the Island – Simon and the Island

(Folk, AAA, Triple A, Americana, NPR, Non-Commercial)

Glassnote Records 
7. Play MPE® The Walters – I Love You So

(AAA, Alternative)

Warner Records 
8. Play MPE® NoSo – Suburbia

(AAA, Triple A, NPR, Non-Commercial)

co-sign / Partisan Records 
9. Play MPE® The Aquadolls – Xmas Wrapping

(AAA, Alternative, Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A)

ENCI Records 
10. Play MPE® The Noted – Lost & Found

(Rock, AC, AAA)

Twinvision / SmileyNote Studios, inc 
11. Play MPE® Cory M. Coons – Christmas 33.3

(Country, College, AAA, Americana, Holiday, Christmas, NPR, Rock, Non-Commercial)

MTS Records 
12. Play MPE® Jay Elle – Ease Up

(Country, AAA, College, Americana, Top 40, CHR Pop)

Halfmoon Records and Publishing 
13. Play MPE® Greg Hudik – At Our Bar

(Mainstream Rock, Country, AAA, College, CHR Pop, AC, Triple A, Top 40)

Platinum Records Nashville 
14. Play MPE® Shaina Shepherd – Never Be Another You

(Specialty, AAA, College, NPR, Non-Commercial)

Sub Pop Records 
15. Play MPE® Pete Yorn – Elizabeth Taylor

(AAA, Triple A, NPR, Non-Commercial)


(AAA, Americana, Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A)

Blue Elan / KZZ Music 
17. Play MPE® Mattiel – Jeff Goldblum

(AAA, Triple A, NPR, Non-Commercial)

ATO Records 
18. Play MPE® The Slow Show – Anybody Else Inside

(AAA, Triple A)

Velveteen Records 
19. Play MPE® Allen Stone – Apart

(AAA, Triple A, NPR, Non-Commercial)

ATO Records 
20. Play MPE® Band of Horses – Crutch

(AAA, Triple A, NPR, Non-Commercial)


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