1. Play MPE® Nicole Atkins – Domino

(NPR, Rock, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial)

Single Lock Records 
2. Play MPE® The Killers – Caution

(Alternative, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Republic Records / Island Records 
3. Play MPE® Bettye LaVette – I Hold No Grudge

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Americana, AAA)

4. Play MPE® The Lumineers – Salt And The Sea

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Dualtone Music Group / eOne 
5. Play MPE® Willie Nelson – Our Song

(NPR, Triple A, Americana, Jazz, AAA, Non-Commercial, Country)

Legacy Recordings 
6. Play MPE® Alec Lytle & Them Rounders – Young

(NPR, Triple A, Americana, AAA, Non-Commercial)

The Orchard / Brad Paul Media 
7. Play MPE® Dayglow – Can I Call You Tonight?

(NPR, Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA)

AWAL / in2une Music 
8. Play MPE® The Growlers – Try Hard Fool

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Ravel Rouser 
9. Play MPE® Hannah Georgas – That Emotion

(Triple A)

10. Play MPE® Liza Anne – Desire

(NPR, Rock, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial)

Arts & Crafts 
11. Play MPE® Andy Frasco – Feel It In Our Bones

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

12. Play MPE® Rory Block – Wayward Girl Blues

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Stony Plain Records 
13. Play MPE® Trevor Hall – Put Down What You Are Carrying (feat. Brett Dennen)

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Trevor Hall 
14. Play MPE® The National Parks – Wildflower

(NPR, Non-Commercial, College, AAA)

Feltone Music 
15. Play MPE® Sarah Rogo – Wild Woman

(Triple A, Americana, AAA)

Funzalo Records 
16. Play MPE® Electric Peace – Tell Me You Hate Me

(NPR, Triple A, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial)

17. Play MPE® Donna Missal – You Burned Me


Caroline Records / Harvest Records 
18. Play MPE® Oso Oso – The View

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Ravel Rouser 
19. Play MPE® Waco Brothers – RESIST!

(NPR, Triple A, Non-Commercial, Americana)

Bloodshot Records 
20. Play MPE® Dan Lynch – Eagle Soar

(NPR, Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Switch Attack 

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