1. Play MPE® Blondie – Moonlight Drive

(Classic Hits, Triple A, NPR, Classic Rock, AAA, College, Non-Commercial)

2. Play MPE® Trampled by Turtles – It’s So Hard To Hold On

(Triple A, Bluegrass, NPR, Americana, AAA, Folk, Non-Commercial)

Banjodad / Thirty Tigers 
3. Play MPE® Ben Harper – We Need To Talk About It

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Americana, AAA, Triple A)

Chrysalis Records 
4. Play MPE® The Beths – Silence is Golden

(Triple A, NPR, Specialty, Rock – Specialty, AAA, Non-Commercial)

5. Play MPE® Julia Jacklin – I Was Neon

(NPR, Specialty, Pop, Rock – Specialty, AAA, Triple A)

Polyvinyl Record Co. 
6. Play MPE® Watkins Family Hour – Hypnotized

(Triple A, Bluegrass, NPR, Americana, AAA, Folk, Non-Commercial)

Thirty Tigers / Family Hour Records 
7. Play MPE® The A’s – He Needs Me

(Triple A, AAA, NPR, Non-Commercial)

co-sign / Psychic Hotline 
8. Play MPE® The Heavy Heavy – Miles And Miles

(Triple A, Americana, Non-Commercial)

ATO Records 
9. Play MPE® Young The Giant – Wake Up

(Triple A, Non-Commercial)

Jungle Youth Records / AWAL 
10. Play MPE® Larry McCray – Good Die Young

(Blues, NPR, Non-Commercial, Specialty, Americana, AAA, Triple A)

Keeping the Blues Alive / Serious Bob Promotion 
11. Play MPE® The Deer – I Wouldn’t Recognize Me

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Americana, AAA, Folk, Triple A)

Keeled Scales / Ravel Rouser 
12. Play MPE® Eric Hutchinson – Everybody’s Gotta Beating Heart

(Triple A, NPR, AAA, Folk, Non-Commercial)

Let’s Break Records 
13. Play MPE® Roanoke – Selene

(Triple A, AAA, NPR, Non-Commercial)

Kill Rock Stars 
14. Play MPE® Hector Morlet – Party…ahaha

(Triple A, NPR, Non-Commercial)

AWAL Recordings 
15. Play MPE® Lucius – “Dance Around It” (feat. Brandi Carlile & Sheryl Crow)

(AAA, Non-Commercial)

Mom + Pop Music 
16. Play MPE® Back pOrchEstra – Just Fall In Love (remix)

(Mainstream Rock, Blues, Alternative, Rock, Country, NPR, Active Rock, Pop, Americana, Rock – Specialty, AAA, Folk, Triple A)

Globe Records 
17. Play MPE® Fantastic Negrito – They Go Low

(Triple A, AAA, NPR, Non-Commercial)

Storefront Records 
18. Play MPE® Sarah Kinsley – Cypress

(Triple A, NPR, Non-Commercial)

AWAL Recordings 
19. Play MPE® Early James – Harder To Blame

(Talk, Triple A, Sports, NPR, Americana, AAA, College, Non-Commercial)

Easy Eye Sound / Concord 
20. Play MPE® Beach Bunny – Entropy

(Rock – Specialty, AAA, Non-Commercial)

Mom + Pop Music 

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