1. Play MPE® The Black Keys – Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth

(Non-Commercial, Alternative, AAA, Active Rock)

Nonesuch Records 
2. Play MPE® Charley Crockett – I Can Help

(Triple A, Americana, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

The Next Waltz 
3. Play MPE® DAWES – Free As We Wanna Be

(College, Sports, Triple A, Americana, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR, Talk)

Concord / Rounder 
4. Play MPE® Kings Of Leon – The Bandit

(Non-Commercial, Alternative, AAA, NPR, Active Rock)

RCA Records 
5. Play MPE® Bahamas – Trick To Happy

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Brushfire Records / Republic Records 
6. Play MPE® JB Graham – Ready To Fly

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

ReMind Records 
7. Play MPE® Beach Bunny – Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)

(Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

Mom + Pop Music 
8. Play MPE® Slaughter Beach, Dog – Are You There

(Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

9. Play MPE® Illiterate Light & Devon Gilfillian – Freedom

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

Atlantic Records 
10. Play MPE® Selwyn Birchwood – I’d Climb Mountains

(Triple A, Americana, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

Alligator Records 
11. Play MPE® Django Django – Glowing in the Dark

(Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

Because Music 
12. Play MPE® Deep Sea Diver – Impossible Weight


ATO Records / High Beam Records 
13. Play MPE® Taylor Swift – coney island (feat. The National)

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Republic Records 
14. Play MPE® Joss Stone – Walk With Me

(Triple A, Jazz, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

S-Curve Records / BMG 
15. Play MPE® Nathaniel Rateliff – Redemption

(Blues, College, Sports, Triple A, Americana, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR, Talk, Soundtracks)

Concord / Stax / Fantasy 
16. Play MPE® Wild Pink – “You Can Have It Back”

(Rock – Specialty, AAA, NPR)

Planetary Group / Royal Mountain 
17. Play MPE® Femi Kuti + Made Kuti – Pà Pá Pà + Free Your Mind

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

co-sign / Partisan Records 
18. Play MPE® Rhye – Black Rain

(College, Sports, Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR, Talk)

Concord / Loma Vista 
19. Play MPE® H.A.R.D. – Head’s A Wreck

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

Dynamite Red Media 
20. Play MPE® MAZUR – Quarantine

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)


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