1. Play MPE® Lipbone – Singles: 2020-2021

(Rock, AC, Non-Commercial, Smooth Jazz, NPR, Blues, Americana, Vocal, Alternative, Folk, Triple A, Jazz, Adult Hits, College, Holiday, AAA)

Beautiful Flying Records 
2. Play MPE® Norine Braun – Kind Of Blues

(Non-Commercial, AC, Rock, NPR, Blues, Americana, Vocal, Country, Folk, Triple A, Holiday, College, Christmas, AAA)

Braun and Brains Music 
3. Play MPE® The Hold Steady – Sideways Skull

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, NPR, Triple A, AAA)

Positive Jams / Thirty Tigers 
4. Play MPE® Brett Dennen – This Is Going To Be The Year

(Non-Commercial, Americana, Triple A, NPR)

Mick Music 
5. Play MPE® Weyes Blood – Grapevine

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A, College, Specialty)

Sub Pop Records 
6. Play MPE® String Bone – Singles 2020-2021

(Non-Commercial, AC, Rock, NPR, Christmas, Blues, Alternative, Active Rock, Country, Folk, Triple A, Holiday, College, Americana, AAA, Specialty)

Space Cowboy Records 
7. Play MPE® Eddie 9V – Beg, Borrow And Steal

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A, Americana, AAA)

Ruf Records 
8. Play MPE® Andy Shauf – Wasted On You

(Non-Commercial, Triple A, NPR)

9. Play MPE® Chalcedony – kal – ‘se – de – nē

(Non-Commercial, Rock, Rock – Specialty, NPR, Alternative, Active Rock, Triple A, College, AAA, Specialty)

Aura Aurora Records 
10. Play MPE® Nikki Lane – Denim & Diamonds

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

New West Records 
11. Play MPE® WAKING BEAR – Running

(Non-Commercial, Rock, NPR, Alternative, Pop, Triple A, AAA)

Waking Bear 
12. Play MPE® Maple Run Band – Used To Be The Next Big Thing

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Country, Folk, Triple A, Americana, AAA)

Swank Promotions / Back Pasture Music 
13. Play MPE® The Jaws of Brooklyn – Fever

(Non-Commercial, Americana, AAA, NPR)

The Jaws of Brooklyn 
14. Play MPE® Casey Donovan – Shake It

(Dance, CHR Pop, Top 40, Classic Pop, Vocal, Pop, Hot AC, AAA, Modern AC)

Entertainment Consulting Pty Ltd 
15. Play MPE® Sally Dige – Best of (2012 – 2020)

(AC, Non-Commercial, NPR, Top 40, Alternative, Triple A, College, Hot AC, AAA, Modern AC)

Dige Records 
16. Play MPE® Thee Sacred Souls – Love is the Way

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

Daptone Records / co-sign 
17. Play MPE® The Arcs – Eyez

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Talk, Triple A, Sports, College, AAA)

Concord / Easy Eye Sound 
18. Play MPE® Goose – Hungersite

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

No Coincidence Records 
19. Play MPE® Nicki Kris – Heartbeat

(Rock, Top 40, Alternative, Vocal, Pop, Triple A, Adult Hits, Hot AC, AAA, Modern AC)

N.K.M. Records 
20. Play MPE® TAHLS – (re)turning (in)to

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, NPR, Alternative, Pop, College, AAA)


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