1. Play MPE® Home Free ft. Don McLean – American Pie

(AAA, Classic Rock, Classic Hits, Country, Hot AC)

Home Free Records 
2. Play MPE® James Robert Webb – Okfuskee Whiskey

(College, AAA, Non-Commercial, Country, NPR)

Bison Creek Records 
3. Play MPE® Valerie June – Call Me A Fool

(College, AAA, Non-Commercial, Triple A, Americana, Sports, Blues, NPR, Talk)

Fantasy / Concord 
4. Play MPE® Jon Batiste – I NEED YOU

(Non-Commercial, Triple A, AAA)

5. Play MPE® Cheap Trick – Light Up The Fire

(Active Rock, AAA, Classic Rock, Non-Commercial, NPR)

Untitiled / BMG 
6. Play MPE® Tash Sultana – Sweet & Dandy

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, NPR, AAA)

Mom + Pop Records 
7. Play MPE® Moon Taxi – Say

(Non-Commercial, NPR, AAA)

Untitiled / BMG 
8. Play MPE® Elizabeth & the Catapult – pop the placebo

(Americana, AAA)

Compass Records 
9. Play MPE® Ben Howard – What A Day

(Non-Commercial, Triple A, Specialty, AAA)

Republic Records 
10. Play MPE® Teenage Fanclub – I’m More Inclined

(AAA, Non-Commercial, Triple A, NPR, Specialty)

Merge Records 
11. Play MPE® Weezer – All My Favorite Songs

(College, Active Rock, AAA, Alternative, Non-Commercial, Americana, Rock – Specialty, NPR)

Crush Music 
12. Play MPE® Typhoon – Empire Builder

(Rock – Specialty, AAA)

Roll Call Records 
13. Play MPE® Yuno – “Somebody”

(Alternative, Non-Commercial, Triple A, NPR, Specialty)

Sub Pop Records 
14. Play MPE® Thad Cockrell – If In Case You Feel The Same

(Non-Commercial, NPR, AAA)

ATO Records 
15. Play MPE® Rhye – Home

(College, AAA, Non-Commercial, Triple A, Sports, NPR, Talk)

Loma Vista / Concord 
16. Play MPE® Squid – Narrator (radio edit)

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, NPR, AAA)

17. Play MPE® The Backseat Lovers – Kilby Girl

(Non-Commercial, NPR, AAA)

Mick Music 
18. Play MPE® Taylor Swift – coney island (feat. The National)

(Non-Commercial, Triple A, AAA)

Republic Records 
19. Play MPE® Sweetfeed – Picture Of My Heart

(Non-Commercial, College, NPR, AAA)

20. Play MPE® Taylor Castro – Breathe

(Country, Top 40, AAA)

PMA Records LLC 

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