1. Play MPE® Soul Asylum – If I Told You

(Triple A, Rock – Specialty, NPR, Specialty, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Blue Élan Records 
2. Play MPE® Tennis – Need Your Love

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Alternative, NPR)

Mutually Detrimental / Thirty Tigers 
3. Play MPE® Miles Davis – Music From and Inspired by “Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool,” a Film by Stanley Nelson

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR, Jazz)

Columbia / Legacy Recordings 
4. Play MPE® KALEO – I Want More

(Non-Commercial, Americana, AAA, NPR)

Elektra Records / Elektra Promotion 
5. Play MPE® Soccer Mommy – circle the drain

(Talk, Sports, NPR, College, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Concord / Loma Vista 
6. Play MPE® Brittany Howard – He Loves Me

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

ATO Records 
7. Play MPE® Orion Sun – Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

Mom + Pop Music 
8. Play MPE® Real Estate – Paper Cup

(Rock – Specialty, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock)

Domino Recording Co Ltd 
9. Play MPE® Caitlyn Smith – Long Time Coming

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A, NPR)

Red Light Management / Monument 
10. Play MPE® Katie Pruitt – Expectations (Radio Edit)

(Talk, AAA, Sports, NPR, College, Non-Commercial, Americana)

Concord / Rounder 
11. Play MPE® Sarah Harmer – New Low

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

Ravel Rouser 
12. Play MPE® Siobhán O’Brien – The King’s Fool – “from album “You Can’t Run Out Of Love”

(Non-Commercial, Americana, AAA, NPR)

Little Red Hen Music 
13. Play MPE® Bonny Light Horseman – The Roving

(AAA, Triple A)

14. Play MPE® Jesse Malin – Shining Down

(Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

Serious Bob Promotion 
15. Play MPE® Okay Kaya – Psych Ward

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A, NPR)

16. Play MPE® Overcoats – The Fool

(Talk, Triple A, Alternative, Rock – Specialty, Sports, NPR, College, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Concord / Loma Vista 
17. Play MPE® Moaning – Ego

(Triple A, Alternative, Rock – Specialty, NPR, College, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Sub Pop Records 
18. Play MPE® Emma Hill – How Could I Have Been So Wrong?

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A, NPR)

Kuskokwim Records 
19. Play MPE® Frances Quinlan – Your Reply

(Triple A, Rock – Specialty, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock)

Saddle Creek 
20. Play MPE® Nada Surf – So Much Love

(Triple A)

Barsuk Records 

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