1. Play MPE® John Lennon – Hold On

(Non-Commercial, Classic Rock, Americana, Classic Hits, NPR, AAA, AC, Talk)

2. Play MPE® The Chemical Brothers – The Darkness That You Fear

(Non-Commercial, College, AAA, Dance, Alternative, Specialty)

Republic Records 
3. Play MPE® Counting Crows – Elevator Boots

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, Americana, NPR, AAA)

4. Play MPE® Brett Dennen – See The World

(NPR, Triple A, Non-Commercial)

Mick Music 
5. Play MPE® Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – Perennial Bloom (Back To You)

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, Americana, NPR, College, AAA, Talk, Sports)

Concord / Fantasy 
6. Play MPE® Maia Sharp – Backburner

(Americana, Triple A, AAA)

Crooked Crown Records 
7. Play MPE® WILLOW – t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l (feat. Travis Barker)

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

MSFTMusic/Roc Nation 
8. Play MPE® Yola – Diamond Studded Shoes

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, Americana, NPR, College, AAA, Talk, Sports)

Easy Eye Sound / Concord 
9. Play MPE® mui zyu – pour a brain

(Non-Commercial, NPR, College, AAA, Rock – Specialty)

Father/Daughter Records Inc 
10. Play MPE® Brock Gonyea – Where My Heart Is

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, Americana, NPR, AAA)

Big Machine Records 
11. Play MPE® Faye Webster – Cheers


Secretly Group 
12. Play MPE® Paul Boddy & SlideWinder Blues Band – Little Bit O’ Soap

(Non-Commercial, Americana, NPR, College, AAA)

Slide Records 
13. Play MPE® Vail Viridian – Instinct

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Lucky Minor 7 Music 
14. Play MPE® Dreamer Boy – All The Ways We Are Together

(Non-Commercial, AAA)

Virgin Music 
15. Play MPE® Audrey Nuna – Space

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, NPR, Rock – Specialty, Specialty)

16. Play MPE® James – Beautiful Beaches

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Nothing But Love Music 
17. Play MPE® Rubber Soul Child – Time

(Rock, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, AAA)

ToonsFarm / CMG MEDIA 
18. Play MPE® Ruth B. – Situation

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

19. Play MPE® Pom Pom Squad – Head Cheerleader

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, NPR, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Specialty)

City Slang / co-sign 
20. Play MPE® Noel Gallagher – We’re On Our Way Now

(Non-Commercial, AAA)

Sour Mash Records Ltd / The Orchard 

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