1. Play MPE® Wilco – Evicted

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Triple A, Rock – Specialty)

2. Play MPE® Ray LaMontage – It Takes Me Back

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR, Americana)

Luila Records/ Mick Music 
3. Play MPE® Leon Russell – A Song for Leon

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, College, NPR, Americana)

Primary Wave / Secretly / True Tone Media Group 
4. Play MPE® Semisonic – The Rope

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Triple A)

Megaforce Records / Pleasuresonic Recordings 
5. Play MPE® Bethany Cosentino – Natural Disaster (explicit)

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, College, Rock – Specialty, NPR, AAA)

Concord / Concord Records 
6. Play MPE® Tyler Childers – In Your Love

(Triple A, Americana)

Hickman Holler Records / RCA Records 
7. Play MPE® Mayer Hawthorne – The Pool

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Triple A)

P&L Records 
8. Play MPE® Jaime Wyatt – World Worth Keeping

(Triple A, Americana)

New West Records 
9. Play MPE® Thirsty Howell – Vancouver Rain

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, College, Smooth Jazz, NPR, Adult Hits, Jazz, Americana)

Thirsty Songs 
10. Play MPE® ODESZA & Yellow House – Easy Money

(Alternative, Triple A, Non-Commercial, NPR, Dance)

Ninja Tune / Red Light Management 
11. Play MPE® The Revivalists – Good Old Days

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, College, Talk, AAA, Sports, NPR, Americana)

Concord / Concord Records 
12. Play MPE® Moon Taxi – Lay Low

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Triple A)

Red Light Management / 12 South Records 
13. Play MPE® Middle Kids – Highlands

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Triple A)

Middle Kids/AWAL 
14. Play MPE® Rose Of The West – Come and Find Me (Radio Edit)

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Communicating Vessels / co-sign 
15. Play MPE® Josh Ritter – Strong Swimmer

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, Bluegrass, Folk, AAA, NPR, Americana)

Thirty Tigers / Pytheas Recordings 
16. Play MPE® Σtella – “Girl Supreme”

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, College, Specialty, NPR)

Sub Pop Records 
17. Play MPE® Gov’t Mule – Peace…Like A River

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, College, Rock – Specialty, AAA, Blues, Classic Rock, NPR, Americana)

Fantasy / Concord 
18. Play MPE® CHAI – “NEO KAWAII, K?”

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, College, Specialty, Urban Mix Shows, NPR)

Sub Pop Records 
19. Play MPE® The Kills – New York

(Alternative, Triple A, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, NPR)

Domino Recording Co Ltd 
20. Play MPE® Jalen Ngonda – “That’s All I Wanted From You”

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Triple A)

Daptone Records / co-sign 

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