1. Play MPE® Various Artists – Tell Everybody! (21st Century Juke Joint Blues From Easy Eye Sound)

(AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, Blues, Classic Rock, Americana, College, Rock – Specialty, Triple A)

Easy Eye Sound / Concord 
2. Play MPE® James Robert Webb – Gentlemen Start Your Weekends

(Talk, Rock, Mainstream Rock, AAA, AC, Country, Active Rock, Americana, College, Pop, Rock – Specialty, Sports, Triple A)

Bison Creek Records 
3. Play MPE® Cordovas – The Rose Of Aces

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Americana, Triple A)

ATO Records 
4. Play MPE® Devon Gilfillian – Love You Anyway

(Talk, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, Americana, College, Sports, Triple A)

Fantasy / Concord Label Group 
5. Play MPE® Darlingside – Green Light

(AAA, Non-Commercial, Folk, NPR, Americana, Triple A)

Thirty Tigers / More Doug Records 
6. Play MPE® OK Go – This

(Alternative, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, College, Triple A)

7. Play MPE® Tré Burt – Traffic Fiction

(AAA, Non-Commercial, Folk, NPR, Americana, Triple A)

Thirty Tigers / Oh Boy Records 
8. Play MPE® M. Ward – too young to die feat. First Aid Kit

(AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A)

9. Play MPE® Nellie McKay – Hey Guys, Watch This

(AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, Americana, Jazz, Triple A)

Hungry Mouse Records 
10. Play MPE® Half Moon Run – Alco

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A)

11. Play MPE® Wild Nothing – Headlights On

(Specialty, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A)

Captured Tracks 
12. Play MPE® Blonde Redhead – Before

(AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR)

section1 / co-sign 
13. Play MPE® Kelly Jones (Stereophonics) Patty Lynn & Dwight Baker (The Wind and The Wave) – Far From Saints

(AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, Americana)

Ignition Records 
14. Play MPE® Delacey – The End

(AAA, Non-Commercial)

Photo Finish 
15. Play MPE® Jeff Tuohy – Funeral Party

(AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, Americana, Triple A)

Infirst Promotion / Jeff Tuohy / Serious Bob Promotion / Independent 
16. Play MPE® Jungle – “Back On 74”

(Specialty, Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A)

co-sign / Caiola Records / AWAL 
17. Play MPE® IAN SWEET – Your Spit

(AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A)

Polyvinyl Record Co. 
18. Play MPE® Nina Kinert – America

(Alternative, Non-Commercial, NPR, Folk, Americana, College, Pop, Triple A)

Ninkina Recordings 
19. Play MPE® Wilco – Evicted

(Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A)

20. Play MPE® Jonah Kagen – The Roads

(AAA, Non-Commercial, Triple A)

Arista Records 

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