Tom Curtain – In The West

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“I’ve lived all my life in the bush, from growing up on a farm near Kingaroy, Queensland, to training horses across Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia, and now settling in the Top End. This song was inspired by everything I love about life on the land; the characters, experiences and landscapes. It paints a vivid picture of what life is like out here and the fun we have every day. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” – Tom Curtain

From the first banjo-picking notes of Tom Curtain’s latest single, ‘In The West’, the track will have you moving in this upbeat celebration of life in rural and remote Australia.

Whenever you hear the Golden Guitar winner’s songs, you know he’s lived the stories he’s singing about, and ‘In The West’ is no exception. When he’s not writing songs about his life, he’s living the songs he writes, as a horse and dog trainer who also runs Katherine Outback Experience with his wife, Annabel, in Katherine, NT.

Although times have been hard in regional, rural and remote areas, Tom is always looking for the positives. “After touring through the country again in 2019 and 2020 and seeing small communities and townships smashed by the drought, fire and floods, I wanted to write a song that celebrates the good times out here in the bush,” he said.

“Co-written with Garth Porter, ‘In The West’ highlights the fact that, although people in the country endure a lot of hardships, it’s also an amazing and inspiring place to live and work.” Lifted from Tom’s album, ‘We’re Still Here’, the song is a hit with live audiences because of the positive messages and imagery throughout.

“We travel and tour in a lot of regional Australia, and the audience out there can associate with the lyrics, and it’s also an upbeat, fast-moving song that really gets them on their feet,” he said. “I’m trying to inspire people to hang in there and really look at what is around them. “At times the bush can be really tough, but it’s also an amazing place and we can be grateful of where we are, where we work and the mates that we have out here – we are pretty grateful people and it’s good to really highlight that fact.”

The accompanying film clip features footage they shot as they travelled through South Australia earlier this year and, in true Tom style, additional imagery came from mates who sent footage that really accentuates the way of life out in the bush. “We’ve got people sending in phenomenal footage from everywhere,” Tom said.


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