The Magic and Marvel of Shazam

ShazamWe’ve all done it…at restaurants, pharmacies, malls: proudly stretched one arm high, smartphone in hand, boldly and unabashedly capturing the name and artist of our new favorite song. Rarely has a product been so aptly named. To even the most casual of music fans, Shazam and its ability to recognize and identify songs with the tap of a touch screen…are nothing short of magic.

Music discovery has never been so omniscient, possible, and trackable. And that’s a clear win for labels and radio alike. The implementation of Shazam charts has granted radio programmers and record execs an additional tool with which to gauge which songs are resonating and with whom. Big brother is listening, and we’re so super psyched about it.

Debbie Cerchione, VP of Promotion for Adult Pop Formats at Warner Brothers Records shares “Almost every programmer uses Shazam, nationally and locally. It empowers the labels to relay this info to radio. So, a Shazam chart helps both radio and records see what stations are impacting listeners,” reiterating what a great tool it is for programmers and promo teams alike.

With recent additions and improvements, Shazam continues to perfect their 21st century digital baby, staying relevant and necessary to countless users, young and old—users who are ready to capture content, whether they’re watching TV, at a party, or shopping.

Play MPE®’s partnership and integration with Shazam makes it so much easier for labels to get their music to users. Here’s how it shakes out: all content which is uploaded into Play MPE®’s system is automatically in Shazam’s system and ready for tagging. Easy peazy! With content therefore reaching users that much sooner, artists and labels can watch those tags start coming in as of the very first performance! This integration has been a natural for Play MPE®, Shazam, labels, and consumers alike.

“We want Shazam to continue to serve as a destination for music fans, increasingly becoming the center of their music world,” said Daniel Danker, Chief Product Officer, Shazam. “For years Shazam has identified music with just one tap. Now it’s just as easy to open Shazam and tap once to discover and listen to great music.”

Users can expect to enjoy a feast of upgrades, including personalized music news, real time trending songs, geographical tagging, alongside exclusive content including Shazam Sessions, interviews and more. And how about this? A new “Play All” button also lets users listen to full playlists of songs across the service, including top charts, personal Shazams, and songs recommended for them. The new music player then allows you to rate tracks by swiping right to add them to MyShazam and left to skip them. Another reason we’re delightfully and defenselessly at our smartphone’s mercy. All hail the tech Gods.

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