Swedish Weekly Top 20 Downloads


    1. Play MPE® Norlie & KKV – Glad för din skull Universal Music Sweden 
    2. Play MPE® Robbie Williams – Can’t Stop Christmas Sony Music Entertainment (Sweden) 
    3. Play MPE® Emma Noble – Emma Noble EP Cosmos Music 
    4. Play MPE® Danny Saucedo & Niello – Kungar av December Universal Music Sweden 
    5. Play MPE® Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber – Monster Universal Music Sweden 
    6. Play MPE® Alvaro Estrella – Mistletoe Universal Music Sweden 
    7. Play MPE® Dan + Shay – Christmas Isn’t Christmas Warner Music International 
    8. Play MPE® Gryffin – Safe With Me (with Audrey Mika) Universal Music Sweden 
    9. Play MPE® My Marianne, Jonathan Johansson – Come Whatever, Come What May Sony Music Entertainment (Sweden) 
    10. Play MPE® Miley Cyrus – Prisoner feat. Dua Lipa Sony Music Entertainment (Sweden) 
    11. Play MPE® Weeping Willows – Merry Christmas, My Love Sony Music Entertainment (Sweden) 
    12. Play MPE® Arvingarna – När snön faller ner Sony Music Entertainment (Sweden) 
    13. Play MPE® Ava Max – My Head & My Heart Warner Music Sweden 
    14. Play MPE® Gottfrid – Step Into Christmas Universal Music Sweden 
    15. Play MPE® AronChupa, Little Sis Nora – I’m the Santa Claoz Sony Music Entertainment (Sweden) 
    16. Play MPE® Roxette – Piece Of Cake Warner Music Sweden 
    17. Play MPE® RAES x ISA – Memories On Replay Warner Music Sweden 
    18. Play MPE® PHELLY – Stenar Warner Music Sweden 
    19. Play MPE® Josh Groban – The World We Knew (Over and Over) Warner Music International 
    20. Play MPE® Eddie Vedder – Matter Of Time Universal Music Sweden 

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