Swedish Weekly Top 20 Downloads

    1. Play MPE® Lizzo – Soulmate Warner Music Sweden 
    2. Play MPE® Why Don’t We – Don’t Change Warner Music Sweden 
    3. Play MPE® Madden – Totally (feat. Jon Eyden) Warner Music Sweden 
    4. Play MPE® Lil Dicky – Earth Warner Music Sweden 
    5. Play MPE® Klara & Jag – Måste Jag Dö? Warner Music Sweden 
    6. Play MPE® Rolandz – Här kommer det mera (Pantamera) Warner Music Sweden 
    7. Play MPE® Madonna ft. Maluma – Medellín Universal Music Sweden 
    8. Play MPE® S!sters – Sister


    Cosmos Music 
    9. Play MPE® Beck – Saw Lightning Universal Music Sweden 
    10. Play MPE® Kygo & Rita Ora – Carry On Sony Music Entertainment (Sweden) 
    11. Play MPE® Jill Johnson – My Remedy (Radio Mix) Warner Music Sweden 
    12. Play MPE® Ellie Goulding – Sixteen Universal Music Sweden 
    13. Play MPE® Seeb – Free To Go ft. Highasakite Universal Music Sweden 
    14. Play MPE® Hov1 – Dö ung Universal Music Sweden 
    15. Play MPE® Chris Kläfford – Cold At The Altar Universal Music Sweden 
    16. Play MPE® Push Baby – Mama’s House Universal Music Sweden 
    17. Play MPE® Laleh – Sand Överallt Warner Music Sweden 
    18. Play MPE® Norlie & KKV – seven eleven Universal Music Sweden 
    19. Play MPE® DaniLeigh – No Limits Universal Music Sweden 
    20. Play MPE® Menke – Echo Cosmos Music 

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