1. Play MPE® Sannex – Malung är en hit Warner Music Sweden 
2. Play MPE® MIMI – Feel Something Warner Music Sweden 
3. Play MPE® PaRi – Kattig Warner Music Sweden 
4. Play MPE® Lizzo – Grrrls Warner Music Sweden 
5. Play MPE® Björn Holmgren – Nånting helt okej Universal Music Sweden 
6. Play MPE® Astrid Lindgren, Ida Breimo – Pippi på Cirkus Universal Music Sweden 
7. Play MPE® SMYLES – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Warner Music Sweden 
8. Play MPE® Justus Bennetts – Girls Universal Music Sweden 
9. Play MPE® BTS – Yet To Come Universal Music Sweden 
10. Play MPE® Skott – Evergreen


Cosmos Music 
11. Play MPE® Alex Järvi – Våg Warner Music Sweden 
12. Play MPE® Talisa Dolce – Adrenaline Warner Music Sweden 
13. Play MPE® Glockenbach – Dirty Dancing Universal Music Sweden 
14. Play MPE® Megadeth – The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! UMC 
15. Play MPE® Brother Leo – Sunshine Universal Music Sweden 
16. Play MPE® LOVA – One Too Far Universal Music Sweden 
17. Play MPE® Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp – This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr Warner Music Sweden 
18. Play MPE® Sam Ryder – SPACE MAN (Sam Feldt Remix) Warner Music International 
19. Play MPE® Ramón, Victor Leksell – leilo brenner Universal Music Sweden 
20. Play MPE® Lasse Stefanz – Evergreen Warner Music Sweden 

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