1. Play MPE® NoKeys – If Only Warner Music Sweden 
2. Play MPE® Sam Smith – To Die For Universal Music Sweden 
3. Play MPE® Skott – Kodak & Codeine Dollar Menu 
4. Play MPE® Sabina Ddumba – Pick Sides Warner Music Sweden 
5. Play MPE® James Blunt – Halfway (feat. Ward Thomas) Warner Music Sweden 
6. Play MPE® Isak Danielson – I Don’t Need Your Love Universal Music Sweden 
7. Play MPE® SAMI – Håll om mig (feat. Cherrie) Warner Music Sweden 
8. Play MPE® Maple & Rye – Con of the Century

(AAA, Alternative, Triple A, NPR, Non-Commercial)

Icons Creating Evil Art 
9. Play MPE® Smith & Thell – Goliath Playground Music Scandinavia 
10. Play MPE® Myra Granberg – Äru min nu Sony Music Entertainment (Sweden) 
11. Play MPE® Jill Johnson, Miriam Bryant – I Will Always Love You Warner Music Sweden 
12. Play MPE® Alex Järvi – Förlåt Universal Music Sweden 
13. Play MPE® Emil Gustafsson – Krita en femma Universal Music Sweden 
14. Play MPE® Alec Benjamin – Oh My God Warner Music Sweden 
15. Play MPE® Adrian Macéus – Ingen E Som Du Warner Music Sweden 
16. Play MPE® Billie Eilish – No Time To Die Universal Music Sweden 
17. Play MPE® Stress & Jireel – Förklara Universal Music Sweden 
18. Play MPE® Aden – Midjan Warner Music Sweden 
19. Play MPE® Drängarna – Piga & Dräng Universal Music Sweden 
20. Play MPE® One Light – One Light

(Christian Rock, Christian AC)

Rexius Records 

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