1. Play MPE® Various artists – Hits & Christmas songs from Ace of Base, Titiyo, Agnes, Sarah Dawn Finer, The Rasmus and more.

(Classic Hits, College, Rhythmic, Rhythmic Mixshow, Christmas, Non-Commercial, Pop, Rock – Specialty, Americana, Classic Pop, Rhythmic AC, Alternative, Reggae, Golden Oldies, Rock, Adult Hits)

Playground Music Scandinavia 
2. Play MPE® PARi – Tipp Tapp Julklapp (N!NE EPA Remix) Warner Music Sweden 
3. Play MPE® SamTheMan – Tomten Tvättar Pengar Warner Music Sweden 
4. Play MPE® Lia Larsson – Va Sa ‘Ru (Russin På Russin Av) Warner Music Sweden 
5. Play MPE® The Rolling Stones – Happy (Live) Universal Music Sweden 
6. Play MPE® Daniela Rathana – Vandraren Universal Music Sweden 
7. Play MPE® Johnossi – Heroes Universal Music Sweden 
8. Play MPE® 1.Cuz – ANC (Ain’t No Cap) [feat. DnoteOnDaBeat] Warner Music Sweden 
9. Play MPE® Sungen – Ful på jul Warner Music Sweden 
10. Play MPE® AV – Thug Love Warner Music Sweden 
11. Play MPE® Nordman – Så länge sen Universal Music Sweden 
12. Play MPE® Måns Zelmerlöw – This Is The One Warner Music Sweden 
13. Play MPE® Metallica – Lux Æterna Universal Music Sweden 
14. Play MPE® Molly Hammar – Gasoline Universal Music Sweden 
15. Play MPE® Universal Music – JULMUSIK Universal Music Sweden 
16. Play MPE® Petrus – Bränn dom Universal Music Sweden 
17. Play MPE® Lewis Capaldi – Pointless Universal Music Sweden 
18. Play MPE® Lana Del Rey – Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd Universal Music Sweden 
19. Play MPE® Anna Bergendahl – Merry Christmas Everyone Warner Music Sweden 
20. Play MPE® Morrissey – Rebels Without Applause Universal Music Sweden 

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