1. Play MPE® Baby Taylah – Reclaim

(Alternative, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR)

Icons Creating Evil Art 
2. Play MPE® Say Lou Lou – The Look Of Love á Deux 
3. Play MPE® Niklas Strömstedt – Jag kan gilla Warner Music Sweden 
4. Play MPE® Magnus Uggla – På Egna Ben Uggly Music 
5. Play MPE® Miriam Bryant – Mi Amor (Blåmärkshårt) [feat. Cherrie, Molly Sandén, Stor] Warner Music Sweden 
6. Play MPE® Titiyo – Evighet Warner Music Sweden 
7. Play MPE® Madden – Snowman Warner Music Sweden 
8. Play MPE® Casper The Ghost – Pinot Noir Warner Music Sweden 
9. Play MPE® Pernilla Andersson – Decemberblues (feat. Viktor Olsson) Warner Music Sweden 
10. Play MPE® Marshmello (with YUNGBLUD & blackbear) – Tongue Tied Universal Music Sweden 
11. Play MPE® John Lindahl – Lonely Christmas Universal Music Sweden 
12. Play MPE® Dolly Style – SAYONARA Universal Music Sweden 
13. Play MPE® Bryan Adams – Joe And Mary Universal Music Sweden 
14. Play MPE® Violet Days – Libertines Jacket Universal Music Sweden 
15. Play MPE® FLETCHER – One Too Many Universal Music Sweden 
16. Play MPE® Theoz – Årets julklapp Warner Music Sweden 
17. Play MPE® David och Kristina Lindgren – Just när Julen är här Warner Music Sweden 
18. Play MPE® Billie Eilish – everything i wanted Universal Music Sweden 
19. Play MPE® Jubël – Running Out Of Love (Acoustic Version) Warner Music Sweden 
20. Play MPE® Lighthouse Family – Have Yourself A Merry Christmas Universal Music Sweden 

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