1. Play MPE® thEmotion – Ghosts

(Pop, Hip Hop)

2. Play MPE® SMYLES – Tom’s Diner Warner Music Sweden 
3. Play MPE® Lizzo – About Damn Time Warner Music International 
4. Play MPE® Lasse Stefanz – Aldrig har jag älskat så Warner Music Sweden 
5. Play MPE® AV – Big Thug Boys (feat. Jireel) Warner Music Sweden 
6. Play MPE® Ricky Rich – Qué Te Warner Music Sweden 
7. Play MPE® Aleyna Tilki – Take It or Leave It Warner Music Sweden 
8. Play MPE® Wig Wam – Do Ya Wanna Taste It (Tungevaag Remix)


Cosmos Music 
9. Play MPE® Anders Bagge – Bigger Than The Universe (SoundFactory Alcatraz ClubMix) Warner Music Sweden 
10. Play MPE® Sigrid & Bring Me The Horizon – Bad Life Universal Music Sweden 
11. Play MPE® Alec Benjamin – Speakers Warner Music Sweden 
12. Play MPE® ALMEA – Saknar inte dig Universal Music Sweden 
13. Play MPE® Jeremy Loops – Better Together Universal Music Sweden 
14. Play MPE® Mina Okabe – Every Second Universal Music Sweden 
15. Play MPE® Brother Leo – Caroline Universal Music Sweden 
16. Play MPE® Ed Sheeran – 2step (feat. Lil Baby) Warner Music Sweden 
17. Play MPE® Nadja Kasanesh – My Friends Universal Music Sweden 
18. Play MPE® Hov1 – Alla våra minnen Universal Music Sweden 
19. Play MPE® Roxette, Galantis – Fading Like A Flower Warner Music Sweden 
20. Play MPE® Ofenbach – 4U Warner Music Sweden 

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