Sons Of New York – Jesus Was A Person Of Color

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From the Album:Jesus Was A Person Of Color
Formats:Americana,Christian,Christian AC,Christian CHR,Christian Hot AC,College,Gospel,Non-Commercial,NPR,Urban,Urban AC
Available Date & Time: Jun 23 2020 10:00:00 EDT
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Sons Of New York
Jesus Was A Person Of Color

June 23rd, 2020

Format: Americana, Christian, Christian AC, Christian CHR, Christian Hot AC, College, Gospel, Non-Commercial, NPR, Urban, Urban AC

Certain moments in time and history require that we think outside the box and look at the situation differently than we had previously. That we see through different lenses, that we listen more intently and that we speak up for what is right and true. In this moment I feel the need to cast aside the standard buzz word filled press release and ask one simple question…



Is the song Jesus Was A Person Of Color one of the anthems of this moment?


Take a listen and please watch the video and see if you hear a clarion call for peace, love and respecting each other’s humanity. A beacon of light in this darkness.  A unifying call that transcends radio and programming formats. The viewers on YouTube have suggested as much. The reaction on YouTube has been overwhelmingly positive garnering the video a 98% approval rating and over 400,000 views.  It has touched and moved people of all religions, races and even some agnostics and atheists. Many have been brought to tears and expressed a sense of healing.  Others have expressed gratitude for finally having their voice heard. Please watch the video and decide for yourself. Read for yourself a few of the posts from all over the world.


Maya P.

Thank you for making this beautiful and powerful song. Every word is true and so relevant right now. I had to dry my eyes several times.



I am a Muslim and I totally love this song.  Man, this song touched my heart. We have had enough hatred, unity is the only way for universal happiness.


Anna H.

I am actually moved to tears. This message, in this song sung by this voice is unbelievably strong and undeniably true.



Really well done and timely message! Amen Brother! Been humming this all day 🙂


Hélcia F.

I am listening this song over and over again! It touched my heart so deeply! Thank you for this moment of truth and beauty!


Marv M.

WOW I have always said music can heal the world and this song should go #viral


Thank you for your time and consideration.  


Roger Campo

Sons Of New York


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