Sneaky Bones – Outlaw

Labels:Ravel Rouser
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:26
From the Album:Outlaw
Formats:AAA,Americana,Non-Commercial,NPR,Triple A
Available Date & Time: May 27 2020 10:40:00 EDT
Impact Date: Jun 01 2020 00:00:00

Indie Folk Rock Artist Sneaky Bones releases “Little Words" featuring the single “Outlaw”.

The band’s music fluctuates between energetic American folk rock to shivering musical soliloquies. Mellow harmonies, distorted drums, crisp digital saturation, and flourishing synths weave throughout the album. “Practically every sound on the record was printed through this borrowed, dinosaur-digital machine,”

Matthew Bean (Sneaky Bones) explains. “The first track Sam (Weber), Marshall (Wildman), and I laid down was “Outlaw” We cut it live in two or three takes and the song was there, but we were looking for something more so we fired up the machine and out came the heaviest drums/bass/acoustic guitar song I’d ever heard.” 

The entire time I was writing”Outlaw”, I had that tight 16th-note groove in my head. Even though it was just me, an acoustic guitar, and a half-full notebook page, the groove was an omnipresent auditory hallucination – a mental drum machine. So the feel was built off Marshall and the drums, but the song really started kicking when the bass hook emerged. One late night, I picked up an old Kalamazoo short scale bass and my fingers latched on to that syncopated hook. The changes, melody, and feel of the tune was right in our trio’s wheelhouse – a dynamic and askew version of rock and roll. “I feel like an outlaw waiting for a sign, to come on back to town and leave the out behind”

"Little Words" is the fourth full length release from Sneaky Bones. Bean has gathered a fanbase around the world, having completed three extensive tours of Europe and Scandinavia, two inter-island tours across New Zealand, and a scattering of shows across the western US and Canada in between. With every tour, more records disappear, rooms fill up and sell out, and most importantly, the music continues to grow.
The sound harkens back to what Gram Parsons called “Cosmic American Music”; a hybrid of country, rhythm and blues, soul, folk, and rock.



Paul Langton
Ravel Rouser
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