Saint Dru – Salvation Album

Labels:Gospel Enjoyment Ministries
Number of Tracks:2
Total Time:00:07:44
From the Album:Salvation Album
Formats:Christian CHR,Christian Hot AC,Gospel
Available Date & Time: Feb 08 2020 17:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Feb 20 2020 00:00:00

In today's hip-hop industry, where the boundary lines of the genre are being pushed further into the realms of pop, EDM, and even country, Saint Dru is back to firmly plant his flag as a vital voice across all arenas. Crafting classic hip-hop, trap, and genre-mash-ups on his new album Salvation, his flows and rhymes can stand up next to the biggest artists of the day, from DaBaby to NF to Lil Nas X. Following a successful slew of singles and EPs, Salvation displays the exciting growth in Saint Dru's artistry and delivery since the release of his first full-length, 2017's Born Again.


From the massive samples that open the album on "Intro Salvation," Saint Dru commands your attention with his heavenward focus, his biblical foundation, and his unflinching vigor for preaching the gospel through tightly wound rhythms and rhymes. Able to turn on a dime from gentle and tender to fierce and in-your-face, Dru's flow is well-honed and unabashedly his own, never sounding like a carbon copy of another rapper. Meanwhile, he isn't afraid to share the spotlight, such as on lead single "Perfect," where V. Rose provides the earworm chorus in elegant fashion, or on hard-hitting highlight "Temptation," which folds 90's alt-rock sounds into the mix alongside guest spots from Bryann Trejo and producer Genuine Life.


Genuine Life produced all the tracks for the album, showing off his keen ear for crafting textured samples and beats on tracks like "Good," which balances analog and digital sounds with results that are busy and full yet not cluttered or distracting. Perfectly complementing this is vocalist Drea Randle, who adds her powerhouse vocals here as well as on "Use Me." Closing out the album is encouraging anthem and second single "Get a Grip" featuring Corey, which blends trap hi-hats with indie rock guitar work, where Dru confidently proclaims, "Trouble doesn't last long — get a grip and hold on."


With Salvation, Saint Dru steps boldly into the new decade. Following the release of the eight-track album on February 20, 2020, Dru will be setting out on the Church with Saint Dru Tour. Head to to keep up with the latest news and tour dates.


Written by Chase Tremaine


Andrew Smith
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