Saint Dru – Perfect

Labels:Gospel Enjoyment Ministries
Number of Tracks:2
Total Time:00:07:40
From the Album:Perfect
Formats:Christian,Christian CHR,Christian Hot AC,Gospel
Available Date & Time: Apr 10 2019 07:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Apr 10 2019 00:00:00

Saint Dru


You know how you can get a pond to ripple, when you throw a pebble into it? Now imagine if that pebble is your voice, and the pond is the Heart of God. And no matter how much you may disturb it, the pond stays perfect, unmoved and unshaken. Even though the world may be throwing their voices at it. That is how Saint Dru’s new single “Perfect” featuring V. Rose, displays God. No matter how the world may try to shatter the surface of the ponds image, the depth is unmoved and wavered by its attempt. So, let’s dive in and see what image Saint Dru is painting for us.

First off, the song has some crazy sonic ear candy, laid over a tight beat by Genuine Life. It’s like EDM was candy painted with a little trap music to influence it. The way V. Rose's words paint the picture of how Jesus is the only one worthy to be worshipped, and praised; immediately sinks into your heart, with is smooth unaltered pureness. And with Saint Dru coming in with the banging lyrics, letting off rapid fire. This song is not only a great street praise dance team song, but also something you can get lit to at a party with your friends. An automatic playlist keeper, for the modern Christian at heart. You’ve got to put this on repeat. Especially at ya momma’s house during cookouts. Definitely a song that is worth keeping in rotation during club mixes for you DJ’s.

Personally, knowing that there is nothing that can alter the imagine of Christ Jesus is an amazing feeling, that should be shared with the world. Remember, no matter what is thrown into a pond of water. It only ripples or disturbs the surface enough, for the pond to move. But it never causes the depth of its water to ever be changed. And so is the same with Christ. His spirit hears our cries and only disturbs His Heart enough, for The Depth of His Grace and Mercy to move in your favor.

Written by Lion_Hearted

Andrew Smith
********** cell
(***) ***-**** vm


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