1. Play MPE® Ocean Alley – Double Vision

(Triple A, NPR, AAA, Alternative)

Ravel Rouser 
2. Play MPE® Morris Day – Too Much Girl 4 Me (feat. Billy Gibbons)

(Rock – Specialty, Triple A, AC, Alternative, Mainstream Rock, AAA, Sports, Non-Commercial, Adult Hits, Active Rock, Top 40, Classic Rock, NPR, Talk, College)

Bungalo Records 
3. Play MPE® Wunderhorse – Leader of the Pack

(Specialty, AAA, Non-Commercial, Alternative)

Mick Music/Communion 
4. Play MPE® Billy Strings – Long Journey Home / Life To Go

(Rock – Specialty, Bluegrass, Non-Commercial, Folk, NPR, College, Americana)

Rounder / Concord 
5. Play MPE® MILLY – Marcy

(AAA, Alternative)

6. Play MPE® The Tennessee Werewolves – Whipping Post

(Active Rock, Mainstream Rock)

7. Play MPE® CHARLEY CARROZO – Blinded Times

(Rock – Specialty, Triple A, Alternative, Rock, AAA, Non-Commercial, Classic Rock, NPR, Specialty, College, Americana)

Carrozo Classic Recordings / Powderfinger Promo 
8. Play MPE® Circa Waves – Do You Wanna Talk

(Rock – Specialty, Alternative)

Lower Third / [PIAS] / [PIAS] 
9. Play MPE® Mikey Mike – Joy

(Triple A, Alternative, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR)

Thirty Tigers / Trippy Circus Records 
10. Play MPE® L.S. Dunes – Bombsquad

(Rock – Specialty, Mainstream Rock, Alternative, Rock, Active Rock, Specialty, Talk, Sports, Metal)

Fantasy / Concord 

(Rock – Specialty, Rock, AAA, Alternative)

Cowboy Mouth Records 
12. Play MPE® Field Medic – grow your hair long if you’re wanting to see something you can change

(Triple A, Alternative, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, College)

Run for Cover 
13. Play MPE® John Mellencamp – Carolina Shag

(Triple A, AAA, Sports, Non-Commercial, Classic Rock, NPR, Talk, College, Americana)

14. Play MPE® Wage War – Godspeed

(Rock – Specialty, Mainstream Rock, Rock, Active Rock, Talk, Sports)

Fearless Records / Concord 
15. Play MPE® Indie Dog – Darlin

(Rock – Specialty, Triple A, Mainstream Rock, Alternative, AAA, Rock, Active Rock, College)

Indie Dog 
16. Play MPE® GINA WILLIAMS – Toxic Love

(Rock – Specialty, Triple A, Soundtracks, Jazz, Mainstream Rock, Alternative, AAA, Rock, World Music, Classic Alternative, Adult Hits, Blues, Active Rock, Classic Rock, NPR, Specialty, Metal, Pop)

17. Play MPE® Gord Downie, Bob Rock – Lustre Parfait


Arts & Crafts Productions / Universal Music Canada 
18. Play MPE® Detention – Faded, Not Jaded

(Rock – Specialty, Mainstream Rock, Alternative, Rock, AAA, Non-Commercial, Active Rock, College)

19. Play MPE® Rich Chambers – You’re a Nice Guy But…

(Triple A, AC, Alternative, Mainstream Rock, CHR Pop, Hot AC, AAA, Modern AC, Country, Non-Commercial, Adult Hits, Rock, Active Rock, Top 40, Classic Rock, Americana, Pop)

Cub Records 
20. Play MPE® Dan Mangan – All Roads

(Rock – Specialty, Triple A, Alternative, AAA, Non-Commercial, Folk, NPR)

Arts & Crafts 

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