ROCK TOP 20 – STREAM (MAY 2ND, 2021)

1. Play MPE® John Lennon – Hold On

(Classic Hits, AC, Americana, Non-Commercial, Classic Rock, Talk, NPR, AAA)

2. Play MPE® Coma Culture – “In Love”

(Non-Commercial, Alternative, NPR, Rock – Specialty)

Repost Network / Gourmet Music 
3. Play MPE® mui zyu – pour a brain

(Non-Commercial, College, Rock – Specialty, NPR, AAA)

Father/Daughter Records Inc 
4. Play MPE® The Chemical Brothers – The Darkness That You Fear

(Dance, Non-Commercial, College, Alternative, Specialty, AAA)

Republic Records 
5. Play MPE® Warpaint – Lilys

(Non-Commercial, College, Alternative, Triple A, AAA)

Virgin Music 
6. Play MPE® Audrey Nuna – Space

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, Specialty, NPR)

7. Play MPE® Lady Dan – Paradox

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Earth Libraries 
8. Play MPE® Dan Lynch – Stereo Is God

(Classic Hits, Top 40, AC, Americana, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Alternative, Classic Rock, NPR, AAA, Hot AC)

9. Play MPE® CHVRCHES – He Said She Said

(Non-Commercial, College, Alternative, Triple A, Specialty)

Glassnote Records / Glassnote 
10. Play MPE® Rubber Soul Child – Time

(AAA, Rock – Specialty, Rock, Triple A)

ToonsFarm / CMG MEDIA 
11. Play MPE® Pom Pom Squad – Head Cheerleader

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, Specialty, NPR, AAA)

City Slang / co-sign 
12. Play MPE® The Million – Stop/Go


Island Australia 
13. Play MPE® Lake 22 – I Want To Hate You

(Non-Commercial, College, Alternative, NPR)

R Chutes Music 
14. Play MPE® Marcus Machado – Black Psychedelic Funk

(Non-Commercial, College, NPR, Rock – Specialty)

15. Play MPE® Charlie Collins – Honey Can We Run Away feat. Kasey Chambers

(Country, Alternative)

Island Australia 
16. Play MPE® Beach Bunny – “Cloud 9” ft. Tegan and Sara

(AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, Rock – Specialty)

Mom + Pop Records / Mom + Pop Music 
17. Play MPE® Villagers – First Day

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, NPR, AAA)

Domino Recording Co Ltd 
18. Play MPE® Paul McCartney – McCartney III Imagined

(Classic Hits, Mainstream Rock, AC, Rock, Smooth Jazz, Americana, Non-Commercial, Adult Hits, Alternative, College, Metal, Rock – Specialty, Classic Rock, Triple A, Talk, NPR, AAA, Hot AC, Sports)

Capitol Records / Universal Music Canada 
19. Play MPE® BONZIE – Reincarnation

(AAA, Alternative, Americana)

Beevine Records 
20. Play MPE® José González – Visions

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, NPR, AAA)


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