ROCK TOP 20 – STREAM (MAY 16TH, 2021)

1. Play MPE® Sleater-Kinney – “Worry With You”

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Rock – Specialty, AAA)

Mom + Pop Music / Mom + Pop Records 
2. Play MPE® St. Vincent – Down

(Non-Commercial, Sports, NPR, Triple A, AAA, Specialty, College, Alternative, Talk)

Concord / Loma Vista 
3. Play MPE® Billy F. Gibbons – My Lucky Card

(Non-Commercial, Americana, Sports, NPR, Rock, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, AAA, Active Rock, Mainstream Rock, College, Classic Rock, Talk)

Concord / Concord Records 
4. Play MPE® The Goon Sax – In The Stone

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A, AAA, Specialty, College, Alternative)

Matador / Beggars Group 
5. Play MPE® Scott Cramer – Free Ride

(Christian AC, Classic Hits, Country, Classic Rock)

AOK Records 
6. Play MPE® The Beaches – Future Lovers


Universal Music Canada 
7. Play MPE® Ron Wright – Pilgrim And The Preacher

(Blues, Rock, Classic Rock)

RDW Music Publishing Co. 
8. Play MPE® Brye – I’d Rather Be Alone


Imperial / Red Light Management 
9. Play MPE® Len Mizzoni – I Can’t Breathe

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Rock, Rock – Specialty, AAA)

Gigi Records 
10. Play MPE® St. Vincent – Daddy’s Home

(Non-Commercial, Sports, NPR, Triple A, AAA, Specialty, College, Alternative, Talk)

Concord / Loma Vista 
11. Play MPE® Davy Williamson – Same Place

(Active Rock, Mainstream Rock)

Count Zero Records / Ditto / UMG / MTS Management 
12. Play MPE® Lawrence Rothman – Sunny Place For Shady People (feat. Son Little)

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Alternative, AAA)

KRO Records 
13. Play MPE® SHAED, Lewis Del Mar – High Dive

(Alternative, AAA)

Virgin Music / Photofinish Records 
14. Play MPE® Rodrigo Amarante – “Maré”

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Triple A, AAA, Specialty, Alternative)

Polyvinyl Record Co. 
15. Play MPE® Lydia Ainsworth – Cosmic Dust

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, AAA)

Terrorbird Media 
16. Play MPE® Bobby Gillespie & Jehnny Beth – Chase It Down

(Non-Commercial, Alternative, AAA)

The Orchard / Third Man Records 
17. Play MPE® Steve Marriner – How High

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Rock, Rock – Specialty, College, Alternative)

Stony Plain Records 
18. Play MPE® Detention – Good & Ready

(Non-Commercial, NPR, AAA, College, Alternative)

Teen / Alternative / Modern Rock / Pop Punk 
19. Play MPE® baby of the bunch – Chapstick Girl

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Rock – Specialty, AAA, Alternative)

Revolver Distribution Services 
20. Play MPE® HEALTH & Nine Inch Nails – Isn’t Everyone

(Sports, Rock, Rock – Specialty, Active Rock, Mainstream Rock, Specialty, Alternative, Talk)

Concord / Loma Vista 

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