ROCK TOP 20 – STREAM (JULY 24TH, 2022)

1. Play MPE® Weezer – Records

(Rock – Specialty, NPR, Mainstream Rock, Active Rock, Triple A, Alternative, Americana, College)

Crush Music 
2. Play MPE® beabadoobee – “10:36”

(Rock – Specialty, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Alternative)

Dirty Hit 
3. Play MPE® Sally Dige – You

(Rock – Specialty, Vocal, Country, NPR, Rock, Alternative, Non-Commercial, AAA, Modern AC, Triple A, Americana, AC, Hot AC, Folk, College)

Dige Records / Sally Dige Music 
4. Play MPE® She & Him – Melt Away: A Tribute To Brian Wilson

(Classic Hits, NPR, Talk, Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, College, Classic Pop, Alternative, Sports, Americana, Classic Rock)

Concord / Fantasy 
5. Play MPE® Mamalarky – Mythical Bonds

(Rock – Specialty, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A)

Fire Talk 
6. Play MPE® Pretty Sick – Human Condition

(Rock – Specialty, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A)

Dirty Hit 
7. Play MPE® Hermanos Gutiérrez – El Bueno Y El Malo

(Rock – Specialty, Latin – Alternative, NPR, Non-Commercial, Americana, Specialty, Folk, College, World Music)

Easy Eye Sound / Concord 
8. Play MPE® Johanna Warren – I’d Be Orange

(Rock – Specialty, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A)

9. Play MPE® Montell Fish – JAMIE

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Specialty, Alternative, College)

Virgin Music 
10. Play MPE® Tegan and Sara – “Yellow”

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, College)

Mom + Pop Music 
11. Play MPE® ZZ Top – RAW

(Classic Rock)

Shelter Records/BMG / Shelter Music Group 
12. Play MPE® The 1975 – “Part Of The Band”

(Rock – Specialty, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Specialty, Alternative, Triple A)

Dirty Hit 
13. Play MPE® Rachel Bobbitt – The Ceiling Could Collapse

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, NPR, College)

Concord / Fantasy 
14. Play MPE® Pluralone – The Fight For The Soul

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

ORG Music 
15. Play MPE® Archers of Loaf – “In the Surface Noise”

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, NPR)

Merge Records 
16. Play MPE® Collective Soul – All Our Pieces

(AAA, Rock, Triple A, Alternative)

17. Play MPE® I Prevail – Bad Things

(Rock – Specialty, Mainstream Rock, Talk, Active Rock, Rock, Sports)

Concord / Fearless Records 
18. Play MPE® Mykki Blanco – French Lessons

(Rock – Specialty, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Triple A)

19. Play MPE® AJ Smith – We’re All Gonna Die

(Rock – Specialty, Alternative)

Apollo and the Muse 
20. Play MPE® Circle The Wolves – State of Mind


Catalyst Records 

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