1. Play MPE® The Who – Baba O’Riley

(NPR, Jazz, Non-Commercial, College, Classic Rock)

2. Play MPE® Joe Henry – All the Eye Can See

(Folk, Alternative)

earMUSIC / Worksong 
3. Play MPE® Nick Gamer – Sedona

(NPR, Triple A, Adult Hits, Hot AC, Country, Alternative, Non-Commercial, Americana, AC, College, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Modern AC)

Professional Guest Records 
4. Play MPE® The Holy Knives – Can’t Give My Heart Away

(NPR, Soundtracks, Alternative, Non-Commercial)

Valentine Corporation 
5. Play MPE® Sam Austins – “Matador”

(NPR, Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial)

Atlantic Records 

(Mainstream Rock, Active Rock, Alternative)

Big Loud Rock 
7. Play MPE® Softlung – Don’t Say No

(Triple A, Rock, Alternative, College, AAA)

8. Play MPE® Goodnight Sunrise – Better Off

(Mainstream Rock, Active Rock, Rock, Rock – Specialty)

Rejection Records 
9. Play MPE® Caroline Dare – Get A Grip!

(NPR, Triple A, Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial)

Caroline Dare 
10. Play MPE® Lisa Ramey – Certainly Lord

(Top 40, Christian Hot AC, Christian AC, Christian Rock, Rock – Specialty)

Lisa Ramey Music 
11. Play MPE® Dave Matthews Band – Madman’s Eyes

(Active Rock, Triple A, Alternative)

RCA Records 
12. Play MPE® Wet Leg – Angelica

(Specialty, AAA, Alternative, Non-Commercial)

Domino Recording Co Ltd 
13. Play MPE® Dave Herrera – Clear My Mind

(Mainstream Rock, Active Rock, Top 40, Country)

Brokerade, Inc. 
14. Play MPE® Jen Cloher – My Witch

(NPR, Triple A, Alternative, Non-Commercial, College, AAA)

Marathon Artists 
15. Play MPE® Overcoats – Never Let You Go

(NPR, Triple A, Specialty, Alternative, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty)

Thirty Tigers / Never Fall Back Records 
16. Play MPE® Dave Herrera – Sunday Chapel

(Mainstream Rock, Christian Top 40, Christian Latin, Top 40, Christian Country, Christian Praise & Worship, Country, Gospel, Christian, Christian CHR, Active Rock, Christian Rhythmic, Christian Specialty, Christian AC, Southern Gospel, Christian Rock, Christian Inspo, Christian Hot AC)

Brokerade, Inc. 
17. Play MPE® JOURNOS – In The Key Of WTF

(NPR, Triple A, Rock, Alternative, Non-Commercial, Americana, College, AAA, Rock – Specialty)

Bob The Organism Records 
18. Play MPE® BENNY LEE – Chickens Are A Gateway Drug

(NPR, Triple A, Rock, Non-Commercial, Americana, Folk, AAA, Rock – Specialty)

Benny Lee Music 
19. Play MPE® DAVID HAERLE – Electric Trucker

(NPR, Triple A, Rock, Non-Commercial, Americana, College, AAA, Rock – Specialty)

20. Play MPE® Pukka Orchestra – Might As Well Be On Mars

(AAA, Alternative)

Linus Entertainment / True North Records 

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