1. Play MPE® Beck – Thinking About You

(Triple A, Americana, NPR, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, College, Alternative, AAA)

Capitol Records / Universal Music Canada 
2. Play MPE® The Rolling Stones – Grrr Live! (Live At Newark, New Jersey / 2012)

(Mainstream Rock, NPR, Non-Commercial, College, Sports, Talk, Classic Rock, Classic Hits)

Mercury Studios 
3. Play MPE® The Subways – Black Wax

(Mainstream Rock, Rock – Specialty, College, Alternative, Rock, Active Rock)

Bodan Kuma Recordings 
4. Play MPE® Moby – In This World

(Triple A, Non-Commercial, NPR, Rhythmic Mixshow, College, Mixshow – Rhythm / Urban, Alternative, AAA)

Deutsche Grammophon 
5. Play MPE® Grand Canyon – Chariot

(Triple A, Americana, NPR, Non-Commercial, College, Christian Rock, Adult Hits, Christian Hot AC, AAA, Classic Rock)

Bodan Kuma Recordings 
6. Play MPE® Gemma Ray – Come Oblivion

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, College, Specialty, Alternative, Rock)

Bronzerat Records 
7. Play MPE® Mo Lowda & The Humble – Restive

(College, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Workaround Records 
8. Play MPE® Joe Henry – All the Eye Can See

(Folk, Alternative)

earMUSIC / Worksong 
9. Play MPE® Josh Rennie-Hynes – “Morning Stars”

(NPR, Non-Commercial, College, Alternative, Rock)

Shine On Promo 
10. Play MPE® The Who – Baba O’Riley

(Non-Commercial, NPR, College, Jazz, Classic Rock)

11. Play MPE® Bog Bodies – Reclaim The Ritual

(Rock, Folk, Rock – Specialty)

Invocation Records 
12. Play MPE® HARDY – JACK

(Mainstream Rock, Active Rock, Alternative)

Big Loud Rock 
13. Play MPE® Jen Cloher – My Witch

(Triple A, NPR, Non-Commercial, College, Alternative, AAA)

Marathon Artists 
14. Play MPE® Wet Leg – Angelica

(Specialty, Non-Commercial, AAA, Alternative)

Domino Recording Co Ltd 
15. Play MPE® Sam Austins – “Matador”

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Atlantic Records 
16. Play MPE® Dave Herrera – Clear My Mind

(Mainstream Rock, Country, Active Rock, Top 40)

Brokerade, Inc. 
17. Play MPE® Mac DeMarco – Heart To Heart


Royal Mountain Records 
18. Play MPE® Goodnight Sunrise – Better Off

(Mainstream Rock, Rock, Active Rock, Rock – Specialty)

Rejection Records 
19. Play MPE® Chalcedony x Petaluna x Wuji – AAR Split Single – DYRWTKWTFGOIMH?! x Death From Above x Ghost

(Triple A, NPR, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Specialty, Pop, Alternative, Rock, AAA, Active Rock, Classic Rock)

Aura Aurora Records 
20. Play MPE® Lisa Ramey – Certainly Lord

(Rock – Specialty, Christian Rock, Christian Hot AC, Christian AC, Top 40)

Lisa Ramey Music 

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