1. Play MPE® Jade Bird – Headstart

(Americana, Alternative, Triple A, AAA, Non-Commercial, Active Rock, Rock – Specialty)

Glassnote / Glassnote Records 
2. Play MPE® Elvis Costello – Hey Clockface

(Talk, Americana, Sports, Triple A, AAA, College, Non-Commercial, NPR, Classic Rock, Specialty, Rock – Specialty)

Concord / Concord Records 
3. Play MPE® The Avett Brothers – This Land Is Your Land

(Americana, Sports, Traditional, Triple A, AAA, NPR, College, Non-Commercial, Country, Specialty, Rock – Specialty)

Concord / Loma Vista 
4. Play MPE® Midnight Oil – The Makarrata Project

(AAA, NPR, Non-Commercial, Classic Rock, Classic Hits)

Sony Music 

(AC, Talk, Sports, Alternative, Holiday, Active Rock, Specialty, Mainstream Rock, Rock – Specialty, Christmas, Rock)

Concord / Concord Records 
6. Play MPE® The Strokes – The Adults Are Talking

(Alternative, AAA, NPR, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Cult Records / Sony Music Canada / RCA Records 
7. Play MPE® Ane Brun – After The Great Storm

(AC, Alternative, AAA, College, Non-Commercial, NPR)

Balloon Ranger Recordings / Universal Music 
8. Play MPE® The Black Crows – Back Door Santa

(Mainstream Rock, AAA, Active Rock)

Silver Arrow Records 
9. Play MPE® Andrew Bird – HARK!

(AC, Talk, Americana, Sports, Triple A, Holiday, AAA, College, Non-Commercial, NPR, Specialty, Rock – Specialty, Christmas)

Concord / Loma Vista 
10. Play MPE® Greg Sover – The Parade

(Americana, AAA, NPR, Metal, Non-Commercial)

Grounded Soul Records 
11. Play MPE® Mouth Culture – ihatesadsongs

(AAA, Alternative, NPR, Non-Commercial)

InVogue Records 
12. Play MPE® Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos – You Don’t Move Me (Live at the Hollywood Palladium)

(Americana, AAA, NPR, College, Non-Commercial, Classic Rock, Classic Hits)

Mindless Records/BMG 
13. Play MPE® Wesley Schultz – Vignettes

(Americana, Alternative, AAA, NPR, Non-Commercial)

Dualtone Music Group / eOne 
14. Play MPE® Left Field Messiah – Fuzz Machine

(NPR, Alternative, Non-Commercial)

Riptide Music Group 
15. Play MPE® Watling & Bates – Such Is Life 2020

(Country, Rock)

Checked Label Services 
16. Play MPE® Patrick Watson – Lost With You

(Triple A, AAA, NPR, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Secret City Records 
17. Play MPE® The Kills – Raise Me (Demo)

(NPR, Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial)

Domino Recording Co Ltd 
18. Play MPE® Chaotic Resemblance – Unto The Lamb

(Metal, Classic Rock)

Surf Metal Records 
19. Play MPE® Devotchka – The Neverending Story

(AC, Triple A, Top 40, AAA, College, Country, Active Rock, Classic Rock, Non-Commercial, Classic Hits, NPR)

Cicero Records 
20. Play MPE® The Shins – The Great Divide

(AAA, Alternative, NPR, Non-Commercial)

Aural Apothecary / Monotone / Caroline 

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