1. Play MPE® Various Artists – A Sweet Relief Tribute To Joey Spampinato

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Americana, Rock, College)

True North Records 
2. Play MPE® Matthew E. White – Genuine Hesitation

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Rock)

Domino Recording Co Ltd 
3. Play MPE® The Mountain Goats – “Dark in Here”

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Americana, Triple A)

Merge Records / co-sign 
4. Play MPE® Billy F Gibbons – Hardware

(NPR, Mainstream Rock, AAA, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Sports, Americana, Talk, Rock, Classic Rock, Triple A, Active Rock, Blues, College)

Concord Records / Concord 
5. Play MPE® Samia – Show Up

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, NPR)

Grand Jury 
6. Play MPE® Roger Chapman – Life In The Pond

(Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, NPR)

Ruf Records 
7. Play MPE® The Avalanches – Since I Left You (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, College)

8. Play MPE® Major Spark – Beautiful Noise

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Triple A)

High Wave 
9. Play MPE® The Million – why we’ll never be together


Island Australia 
10. Play MPE® Strung Like a Horse – Crazy Like Me

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Sports, Talk)

Transoceanic Records 
11. Play MPE® Cevilain – Wars (feat. Adam Gontier)

(Mainstream Rock, Active Rock)

Adam Gontier 
12. Play MPE® Robert Finley – Sharecropper’s Son

(NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Sports, Americana, Specialty, Talk, Triple A, College)

Concord / Easy Eye Sound 
13. Play MPE® The Linda Lindas – Racist Sexist Boy

(Alternative, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Specialty, Active Rock, College)

14. Play MPE® Yoke Lore – “Seeds”

(Alternative, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Rock)

Yellhouse Records 
15. Play MPE® Vaudeville Smash – The Neverending Glory

(Alternative, Dance, Pop)

Vaudeville Smash 
16. Play MPE® The Rolling Stones – A Little Bang (Bigger Bang Tour EP) (Live)

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Mainstream Rock, Sports, Classic Rock)

Mercury Studios 
17. Play MPE® Low Hummer – The People, This Place

(Non-Commercial, Alternative, College, NPR)

Dance to the Radio 
18. Play MPE® Gary Numan – Intruder

(Alternative, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA, Rock – Specialty)

19. Play MPE® Violent Femmes – Add It Up (1981-1993) (Explicit)

(Mainstream Rock, Active Rock)

Craft Recordings / Concord 
20. Play MPE® Billie Eilish – Lost Cause


Universal Music Canada / Interscope Records 

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