1. Play MPE® Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are Back In Town Live At The Sydney Opera House October 1978

(Classic Rock, Metal, Non-Commercial, Mainstream Rock)

Mercury Studios 
2. Play MPE® Blondie – Moonlight Drive

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Classic Hits, Triple A, Classic Rock, AAA, College)

3. Play MPE® Beach Bunny – Entropy

(AAA, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Mom + Pop Music 
4. Play MPE® The Black Angels – El Jardín

(NPR, Rock – Specialty, Specialty, Triple A, AAA, Non-Commercial)

co-sign / Partisan Records 
5. Play MPE® The eight five two – Shiver

(Alternative, College, Rock – Specialty)

KAOS / Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd 
6. Play MPE® Judah & the Lion – scream!

(Alternative, AAA, Triple A)

Virgin Music 
7. Play MPE® Ocean Alley – Deepest Darkness

(NPR, Rock – Specialty, Specialty, Triple A, AAA, Non-Commercial)

Ravel Rouser 
8. Play MPE® Maggie Rogers – Want Want

(Alternative, AAA, College)

Universal Music Canada / Capitol Records 
9. Play MPE® Phoenix – Alpha Zulu

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Specialty, Triple A, World Music, Alternative, AAA, College)

Glassnote Records 
10. Play MPE® Holdfast. – Brother

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Triple A, AC, Alternative, AAA, College, Active Rock)

Audio Network 
11. Play MPE® Goodnight Sunrise – Wait For It

(Rock, Mainstream Rock, Rock – Specialty, Specialty, Alternative, College)

Rejection Records 
12. Play MPE® Multiple Artist – DEF JAM WEEKLY NEW MUSIC DROP

(Rhythmic, Hot AC, Top 40, AC, Alternative, Dance)

13. Play MPE® Tamino – “Fascination”

(NPR, Folk, Rock, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, World Music, AAA, Non-Commercial)

14. Play MPE® almost monday – sun keeps on shining


Hollywood Records 
15. Play MPE® the Mountain Goats – “Training Montage”

(NPR, AAA, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

co-sign / Merge Records 
16. Play MPE® Mercury Salad – Volume 3

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Americana, Alternative, AAA, College)

Mercury Salad 
17. Play MPE® vice E roi – Jouer ensemble

(Alternative, French, Pop)

UniForce Productions / Torpille 
18. Play MPE® Jocelyn & Chris – Run Away

(NPR, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, Alternative, AAA, Non-Commercial)

Bridge Road Entertainment 
19. Play MPE® Polish Club – Now We’re Cookin’ In Hell

(Alternative, Rock)

Island Australia 
20. Play MPE® Def Leppard – Take What You Want

(Classic Rock, Active Rock)


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