1. Play MPE® Arlo Parks – Hurt

(NPR, AAA, Rock, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

2. Play MPE® Ian Burns – Friday Night

(Rock, Country)

Checked Label Services 
3. Play MPE® METZ – Hail Taxi

(NPR, Alternative, Specialty, College, Mainstream Rock, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Sub Pop Records 
4. Play MPE® The Jacks – Just A Little Bit (Radio Edit)

(Alternative, Classic Rock, Sports, Triple A, Metal, College, Mainstream Rock, Active Rock, Talk, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

EDGEOUT Records / UMe 
5. Play MPE® The Rolling Stones – Scarlet ft. Jimmy Page (The War On Drugs Remix)

(NPR, Alternative, Classic Rock, Sports, AAA, Americana, College, Active Rock, Mainstream Rock, Talk, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

6. Play MPE® Jackie – Unspun (In My Living Rom)

(AAA, Alternative, Active Rock)

Perfectly Sane Music Inc. 
7. Play MPE® The Tennessee Werewolves – American Dream feat. Kelby Ray of The Cadillac Three

(Country, Mainstream Rock, Active Rock)

Verado Records 
8. Play MPE® SUGAREGG – Bully

(NPR, Alternative, Active Rock, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Sub Pop Records 
9. Play MPE® The Go-Go’s – Club Zero

(Hot AC, Sports, Classic Rock, Christian Rock, Triple A, Classic Hits, AAA, College, Mainstream Rock, Pop, Adult Hits, Talk, Non-Commercial)

10. Play MPE® Ane Brun – Take Hold Of Me (Radio Edit)

(AC, Top 40, NPR, Alternative, AAA, Dance, College, Non-Commercial)

Universal Music / Balloon Ranger Recordings 
11. Play MPE® The Heavy Hours – Don’t Walk Away

(NPR, Alternative, Triple A, Americana, Rock, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

S-Curve Records 
12. Play MPE® Hedge – Mellow Days

(AC, Alternative)

ES&L Entertainment 
13. Play MPE® Vincent & The Grenadines – The Ballad of Montreal

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Alternative)

Vincent & The Grenadines 
14. Play MPE® Weezer – Hero

(NPR, Alternative, Sports, Triple A, Specialty, AAA, College, Active Rock, Talk, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Crush Music 
15. Play MPE® Lupin – May

(AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR, Rock – Specialty)

Grand Jury 
16. Play MPE® Nickelback – The Devil Went Down To Georgia

(Rock, Country)

17. Play MPE® Larkin Poe – Holy Ghost Fire

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Mainstream Rock, Active Rock)

Red Light Management / Tricki-Woo Records 
18. Play MPE® Dawes – Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

(NPR, Sports, Triple A, AAA, Americana, College, Talk, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Rounder / Concord 
19. Play MPE® Christopher Justin – Mile High Ride

(Classic Rock, Classic Hits, College, Active Rock)

Christopher Justin Music 
20. Play MPE® Anjimile – Baby No More

(NPR, Specialty, AAA, Triple A, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty)

Father/Daughter / Terrorbird Media 

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