1. Play MPE® Tedeschi Trucks Band – Soul Sweet Song

(Non-Commercial, Sports, Specialty, NPR, Talk, AAA, Americana, Classic Rock, Triple A, College)

Concord / Fantasy 
2. Play MPE® Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Edge of the Edge

(Non-Commercial, Specialty, NPR, AAA, Rock – Specialty)

Domino Recording Co Ltd 
3. Play MPE® Amythyst Kiah – Pensive Pop

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Classic Alternative, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Americana, Triple A, College)

Concord / Rounder 
4. Play MPE® Moby and Serpentwithfeet – On Air

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Alternative, Rock – Specialty, AAA, Triple A, College)

Always Centered at Night 
5. Play MPE® Beyond Sippy Creek – Open Road

(Country, Rock)

Checked Label Services 
6. Play MPE® Caroline Dare – Heart Problem

(Pop, Non-Commercial, NPR, AAA, Alternative, Rock – Specialty, Triple A, College)

Caroline Dare 
7. Play MPE® The Murlocs – Compos Mentis

(Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, College)

ATO Records 
8. Play MPE® Megadeth – Soldier On!

(Sports, Mainstream Rock, Talk, Rock – Specialty, Metal, Active Rock, Classic Rock, College)

9. Play MPE® LIME CORDIALE – Country Club

(Non-Commercial, NPR, AAA, Alternative, Triple A)

JMA Promotion 
10. Play MPE® Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising (At The Royal Albert Hall)

(Non-Commercial, NPR, Adult Hits, AAA, Classic Hits, Rock, Americana, Classic Rock, College)

Concord / Craft Recordings 
11. Play MPE® The Mars Volta – Vigil

(Non-Commercial, Triple A, AAA, Alternative)

Clouds Hill Records 
12. Play MPE® Weezer – Records

(Americana, Mainstream Rock, NPR, Alternative, Rock – Specialty, Active Rock, Triple A, College)

Crush Music 
13. Play MPE® Bruno Pelletier – Dans ma tête

(French, Rock, Pop)

Les Disques Artiste / Torpille 
14. Play MPE® I Prevail – Bad Things

(Mainstream Rock, Talk, Rock – Specialty, Rock, Active Rock, Sports)

Concord / Fearless Records 
15. Play MPE® Maggie Rogers – Surrender (Edited)

(Non-Commercial, Sports, NPR, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Americana, Triple A, College)

Capitol Records 
16. Play MPE® The Offspring – Behind Your Walls

(Specialty, Mainstream Rock, Talk, Rock – Specialty, Alternative, Rock, Active Rock, Sports)

Concord Records / Concord 
17. Play MPE® Marshall Potts – Heaven or Home

(Active Rock, Country, Mainstream Rock, Rock, Americana, Classic Rock, Triple A)

Entertainment Music Group / Let’s Go Alice Records 
18. Play MPE® Analog Party – Riptide (feat. Final Child)

(Active Rock, Mainstream Rock)

Analog Party 
19. Play MPE® The 1975 – “Part Of The Band”

(Non-Commercial, Specialty, NPR, AAA, Rock – Specialty, Alternative, Triple A)

Dirty Hit 
20. Play MPE® Strung Like a Horse – You Can’t Change Me

(Pop, Non-Commercial, Sports, Specialty, Americana, Mainstream Rock, NPR, Talk, Classic Alternative, Bluegrass, Soundtracks, AAA, Alternative, Rock – Specialty, Rock, Active Rock, Top 40, Folk, Triple A, College)

Transoceanic Records 

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