1. Play MPE® Benjamin Gibbard – Life in Quarantine

(Alternative, NPR, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Barsuk Records 
2. Play MPE® Pearl Jam – Gigaton

(Alternative, Non-Commercial, Rock, AAA)

Monkeywrench / Republic Records 
3. Play MPE® The Avalanches, Rivers Cuomo, Pink Siifu – Running Red Lights


4. Play MPE® Dramarama – Up To Here

(Rock – Specialty, Americana, Triple A, Rock, AAA)

Pasadena Records 
5. Play MPE® Blake Mills – Vanishing Twin (Radio Edit)

(Rock – Specialty, Non-Commercial, AAA)

Newl Deal 
6. Play MPE® Logan Ledger – Logan Ledger

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Talk, Sports, Rock – Specialty, Americana, Triple A, AAA, College)

Rounder / Concord 
7. Play MPE® July Talk – Pay For It


Sleepless Records / Universal Music Canada 
8. Play MPE® Bon Jovi ft. The Invictus Game Choir – Unbroken


Island Records / Universal Music Latvia 
9. Play MPE® Pretenders – The Buzz

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, AAA)

10. Play MPE® Dan Lynch – Strange

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Country, Active Rock, Americana, AAA, Mainstream Rock)

Switch Attack / Independent 
11. Play MPE® Kelly Lynn Madison – Can I Love You Now

(Mainstream Rock, Country, Active Rock)

Southern Skye Records 
12. Play MPE® Sparks – A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Rock, AAA)

13. Play MPE® Sweet Crude – Sun Sept


Verve Forecast 
14. Play MPE® BANKS – Live And Stripped


Capitol Records 
15. Play MPE® Chaz Cardigan – Not OK!


Capitol Music Group 
16. Play MPE® Nicole Atkins – Domino

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Rock – Specialty, Rock, AAA)

Single Lock Records 
17. Play MPE® Anna Burch – Party’s Over

(Rock – Specialty, NPR, Non-Commercial, Triple A)

Polyvinyl Records 

(Mainstream Rock, Active Rock, Talk, Sports)

Concord / Fearless Records 
19. Play MPE® Brad Johns – Tailgating

(Country, Rock)

Checked Label Services 
20. Play MPE® Sorry – Right Round The Clock

(NPR, Non-Commercial, Specialty, Rock – Specialty, Rock, AAA)

Domino Recording Co Ltd 

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