RASPIN – Lovin’ You

Labels:Payola Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:21
From the Album:Lovin’ You
Available Date & Time: Oct 22 2019 09:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: n/a

Raspin's "Lovin' You" charted #1 on Top10 Jazz Streams week of 10 / 22-29th on Plaympe Top Charts
"Loving' You" is one of the most beautiful ballads I have ever heard. Wow.”   Marty Qatani

You’re Going to Fall in Love with “Lovin' You”…

The First Single Release from Raspin’s New "NY2LA" CD.

A singer who sings to your soul…

Singer/songwriter/song stylist Raspin Stuwart’s life and career can best be described as a Tale of Two Cities – Chicago and Los Angeles, that is! However, these two cities are just starting points for a performer with truly universal appeal.  Raspin’s emotional vocals, striking lyrics impact brightly on the listener, a stark contrast to his hypnotic melodic background. As evidenced on his new CD, NY2LA, his eclectic mix of theatrical, captivating and soulful music provides the perfect follow-up to his critically acclaimed, Starbucks-endorsed CD, We Do What We Do.

From the first listen, you will fall in love with this hypnotic Jazzish tune “Lovin' You” 

The first released single from Raspin’s new CD – NY2LA



Raspin Stuwart




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