Princess Nokia – Metallic Butterfly

Labels:Beggars Group
Number of Tracks:12
Total Time:00:35:40
From the Album:Metallic Butterfly
Available Date & Time: Dec 14 2018 10:00:00 EST
Impact Date: n/a

Metallic Butterfly is Princess Nokia's debut full length from 2014.

Before the rapper/actor/model/intersectional feminist became the icon she is today, Destiny Frasqueri was a young trip-hop and Bjork obsessed NYC raver kid. The album showcases all sides of what we've now come to know as the definitive multi-faceted artist Princess Nokia: music lover, philosopher, activist, and anime nerd. The music was composed entirely with hip-hop producer OWWWLS (who also worked closely with her on 1992 Deluxe and has been her current live DJ) and is now available via Rough Trade Records with three bonus tracks from the era.

Metallic Butterfly features some of the enduring hits that are part of her live show, such as the pumped-up drum-n-bass love song "Dragons," the Afro-Latina pride anthem "Corazon En Afrika," and the empowering mantra "Young Girls." These fan favorites and more are finally available on streaming services for the first time.

Track listing: 

1. Dimensia

2. Hands Up

3. Seraphims

4. Young Girls

5. Biohazard Butterfly

6. Cybiko (EXPLICIT)

7. Dragons

8. Felicity Island

9. Bikini Weather / Corazón En Afrika (EXPLICIT)

10. Anomaly (Bonus Track)

11. Earth Is My Playground (Bonus Track)

12. Versace Hottie (Bonus Track) (EXPLICIT)

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