People Of The Earth – Home (radio edit)

Labels: Vital Records
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:27
From the Album: We Are People Of The Earth
Formats: Christian AC, Christian Inspo
Available Date & Time: December 9, 2015 01:11 PM ET
Impact Date: January 1, 2016
Country: USA

One more thread, this one deeply personal, is woven throughout We Are People Of The Earth. In the early days, the band often toured alongside Somerset resident and Gospel magician, Greg Farmer. During the writing of the current album, Greg was diagnosed with cancer. Even though he’d stopped touring, Greg would often call with an encouraging word by telling the band they were in his prayers. In turn, Dustin would send rough songwriting demos to Greg and he would call, sometimes in tears, telling how much he loved the songs. One day, Greg added a request, "I want you to write a song just about Jesus. Just proclaim the truth of Jesus and who He is." The result is the standout track, "That’s Who Jesus Is," which was written faster than any other song on the album. It has become a powerful Easter anthem affirming the power of the resurrection for a grieving church in Somerset, KY.
Sadly, Greg lost his fight with cancer, and at his request the band performed another moving song at his funeral, "Home." The song was born with the idea of the safety of home and the mental image is strong. When the world is scary, or dangerous, or even just sad, a child can run home, see a father standing in the door, and take comfort in that safest of places.
"That was an incredible message of hope and comfort for my friend who was dying of cancer," Dustin recalls, "the themes of resting in the father, of us being children, the idea of thinking that we are sons and daughters of the King of the Universe. God in his sovereignty, God and his greatness is also God our father who we can talk to anytime we want. We tried to personalize the idea that we can rest in Him. We are His children."
In that truth, Dustin, Patrick Ford (drums), and Stephen Hampton (guitar) are not just people of the earth, they’re citizens of the Kingdom. They’ve been tasked with shining a light on the King and giving voice to the praise of His children.
In a final contemplation of this calling, Dustin declares, "God draws people to Himself. His beauty is on display. Sometimes it’s tough in the world we live in now to comprehend the beauty of a God who would restore, rescue, walk and suffer with us. That’s a God who is worthy of our worship. The Bible actually says everyone will worship Him at some point, but we’re just trying to get the party started a little early."

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