Patrick Martin – Stranger Nights (Radio Edit)

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Total Time:00:03:36
From the Album:Stranger Nights
Available Date & Time: May 05 2019 18:30:00 EDT
Impact Date: May 06 2019 00:00:00


Romance isn't dead, and we have Patrick Martin to thank for that. The Los Angeles-via-Wisconsin singer/songwriter's new single, ‘Stranger Nights,’ is a picture-perfect evocation of losing love's comforting pleasures — a juxtaposition of happy production with a melancholic narrative.


Born and raised in Saukville, WI, Martin was introduced to music by his mom at an early age, with classic-rock staples like the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, the Allman Brothers, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young on regular rotation. Inspired to learn guitar by an older cousin, he practiced and played for years and eventually started dabbling in his own song craft around the age of 16. Later, while attending Marquette University, a relationship during his sophomore year sparked a desire to write and play music on a broader scale. A semester studying abroad in London further encouraged him to pursue music full-time, and soon after, Martin moved to Los Angeles, working on his music in between shifts at the Apple Store.


Patrick’s new single is as shimmering as it is dark, Partrick explains his new single, “Stranger Nights”:


 “This record was born from a session with some of my main collaborators, Jesse Mason, Kristin Carpenter, and Castle. We had a firm idea of that we wanted to write a dance/upbeat record, so the tempo and chord progression leant in that direction from the outset. Lyrically, I really wanted to create the juxtaposition of happy production with a melancholic narrative. Conceptually, the lyrics highlight the “strange” feeling of coming out of a relationship and losing the comfort of that person being consistently by your side. At first you experience this sense of freedom and eagerness to go and pursue a romantic moment with the nearest stranger, but you soon realize how empty it feels to be with anyone but your lost lover.


There is a specific line in the first chorus that says, “Are all my things still in your basement?” which is a direct reference from my life. The girl who inspires most of my songs used to have a bag of things in her parent’s basement titled “the boyfriend bag” where she kept all her exes’ old possessions. Aside from the obvious detail from my own encounters, this question also serves as a metaphor, essentially asking her if she’s still holding onto our relationship as well.


The second verse goes through those awkward mornings waking up next to someone you don’t know. The line “apologetically abrasive” hits home for me because it really embodies that horrible feeling of waking up next to a person who you don’t know, and you’re upset with yourself for being present in that moment. You’re deeply angry with yourself and the

situation which results in feeling “apologetically abrasive”.


The last line of verse two really sums up what this song is about, saying “I’m riled up, these Sunday mornings start to pile up, ooo I thought these days were made for wild love”. Sunday’s were made for cozying up with someone you love whilst watching movies all day and I’m sitting here, frustrated due to that fact that I’m with a complete stranger and all I want to do is be with the girl I truly feel for. We think we’ll enjoy the freedom of breaking up, but it always leaves us feeling lonely and empty”.




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