Labels: Gold Dust Records
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 1:54
Formats: Country, Talk
Available Date & Time: October 9, 2017 10:30 AM ET
Country: USA

I’M GONNA STAND…Artist: Pat Garrett

(​About The NFL​)

Pat Garrett & Suzy Dalton wrote this song " I’M GONNA STAND" ​Last​ Thursday. On Friday evening they played it to a nice crowd at the Bloomsburg Fair in Pennsylvania, the song was so new the band did not have a chance to rehearse it, so Pat played it with an acoustic guitar while Suzy held the Lyric sheet, Pat was busy reading the words and when he finished he looked out at the crowd, they were all on their feet waving their arms above there heads cheering wildly!

On Sunday Pat sat in his Sheepskin Store and Made a cell phone video of the song and posted it on his Pat Garrett Facebook page at 12;20 PM, by about 6 PM there were a thousand hits on it, by the end of the next day there were 4000 hits, we have been getting about 2000 ​plus​ ​hits a day between Facebook & Instagram all with praising comments.

Later that week they went into the studio and recorded a live version of the song. Here it is, watch your phones light up.

Available On iTunes​.
Patriotic Song.​

Golddust Records #121
Artist: Pat Garrett
Label: Golddust Records
Writers: Pat Garrett & Suzy Dalton
Publisher: Red Barn Farm Publishing Co / BMI
Time: 1:54
Web Site:

​​This cell phone video Pat Garrett Facebook page has had over 10 thousand hits on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter in the past week.​ Getting about 2000 hits a day.

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