Norwegian Weekly Top 20 Downloads

    1. Play MPE® Benson Boone – Sugar Sweet Warner Records 
    2. Play MPE® Synne Vo – MVH Warner Music Norway 
    3. Play MPE® LEKSIKON x Martin Halla – Beat of the City Warner Music Norway 
    4. Play MPE® Smörebua x Thomassen & Berg – Kommer Inte In (T&B Remix) Warner Music Norway 
    5. Play MPE® Robin Schulz – Sweet Goodbye Warner Music Germany 
    6. Play MPE® Ofenbach & SVEA – Body Talk Warner Music France 
    7. Play MPE® Oliver Tree & David Guetta – Here We Go Again Atlantic Records 
    8. Play MPE® Virkelig – Museum Warner Music Norway 
    9. Play MPE® Bebe Rexha – Heart Wants What It Wants Warner Records 
    10. Play MPE® Anne-Marie – SAD B!TCH Warner Music UK 
    11. Play MPE® LUM!X x Alida x Gabry Ponte – Forget You Spinnin’ Records 
    12. Play MPE® Miriam Bryant, Veronica Maggio – Under någon ny Warner Music Sweden 
    13. Play MPE® Alejandro Fuentes – Fuego (English Version) Warner Music Norway 
    14. Play MPE® Zimmermann – Skatesko Warner Music Norway 
    15. Play MPE® DJ Big B x Little J – Null bakkekontakt Warner Music Norway 
    16. Play MPE® Beathoven x Tyr – TYRTHOVEN Warner Music Norway 
    17. Play MPE® Amara – Leve Warner Music Norway 
    18. Play MPE® Drew Sycamore – In The Club (Radio Edit) Warner Music Denmark 
    19. Play MPE® Tones And I – I Made It Atlantic Records 
    20. Play MPE® KLØBB x FEED – MEGAFLOP Warner Music Norway 

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