1. Play MPE® Shandel & Samuels – Desert Island


daWorks Records 
2. Play MPE® D’Sound – Good Intentions daWorks Records 
3. Play MPE® NOTD ft. Astrid S – I Don’t Know Why Universal Music Sweden 
4. Play MPE® Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber – Stuck with U Republic Records / Def Jam Recordings / Scooter Braun Projects (SB Projects) 
5. Play MPE® Armi Millare – Two Worlds


daWorks Records 
6. Play MPE® JP Cooper – Little Bit of Love Island Records Group 
7. Play MPE® El Papi – Sykepleierinnen Universal Music Norway 
8. Play MPE® NUJA – The Others


daWorks Records 
9. Play MPE® Jessie Ware – Save A Kiss Virgin EMI 
10. Play MPE® Torine – Cliché Universal Music Norway 
11. Play MPE® Melanie Martinez – Play Date Atlantic Records 
12. Play MPE® Chris Abolade – EGO Warner Music Norway 
13. Play MPE® James Blunt – The Greatest Atlantic Records UK 
14. Play MPE® Ruben – Burn Down This Room Universal Music Norway 
15. Play MPE® Anis Don Demina & Timbuktu – Naken Warner Music Sweden 
16. Play MPE® 2Trendy – Need You Universal Music Norway 
17. Play MPE® twocolors – Lovefool Universal Music Norway 
18. Play MPE® Samir & Viktor, TIX – Karantän Warner Music Sweden 
19. Play MPE® Jesper Jenset – Skinny Jeans Sony Music Norway 
20. Play MPE® Vidar Villa – Pappa Sin Båt Universal Music Norway 

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