1. Play MPE® The Weeknd – In Your Eyes Universal Music Norway 
2. Play MPE® Tove Lo – I’m Coming Universal Music Sweden 
3. Play MPE® TIX – Karantene Universal Music Norway 
4. Play MPE® Lukas Graham – Scars Universal Music Norway 
5. Play MPE® Jada – Nudes Universal Music Sweden 
6. Play MPE® ANNA – Bando Universal Music Norway 
7. Play MPE® Conan Gray – Wish You Were Sober


Republic Records 
8. Play MPE® John Legend – Actions Sony Music Norway 
9. Play MPE® Noah Cyrus – I Got So High That I Saw Jesus Sony Music Norway 
10. Play MPE® MIO x Nick Strand – With Somebody (feat. Tungevaag & Christy McDonald) Universal Music Norway 
11. Play MPE® Gromee x Jesper Jenset – Sweet Emotions Sony Music Norway 
12. Play MPE® CLMD – Be Happy Universal Music Norway 
13. Play MPE® Eva Weel Skram – Tom Snart ti Warner Music Norway 
14. Play MPE® Amara – Timeplan Warner Music Norway 
15. Play MPE® River – Hungry Hearts Universal Music Norway 
16. Play MPE® The Avalanches – Running Red Lights feat. Rivers Cuomo and Pink Siifu EMI Music Australia 
17. Play MPE® Ylva x Jesper Jenset – Flame Universal Music Norway 
18. Play MPE® Lido – Postclubridehomemusic Caroline 
19. Play MPE® Dua Lipa – Break My Heart Warner Music UK 
20. Play MPE® Larsiveli – Oisann Universal Music Norway 

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