1. Play MPE® Eva Weel Skram – La meg være Warner Music Norway 
2. Play MPE® Christopher – Hope This Song Is For You Warner Music Denmark 
3. Play MPE® Bea and her Business – Born To Be Alive Warner Music UK 
4. Play MPE® Fay Wildhagen – Reason Warner Music Norway 
5. Play MPE® Käärijä x Alan Walker – Cha Cha Cha (Alan Walker Remix) Warner Music Finland 
6. Play MPE® Sirius – Sommer i Oslo Warner Music Norway 
7. Play MPE® Käärijä – Cha Cha Cha Warner Music Finland 
8. Play MPE® Dua Lipa – Dance The Night Atlantic Records 
9. Play MPE® Jubël x NLE Choppa – Triple A Warner Music Sweden 
10. Play MPE® Zimmermann – Josefin (Cover) Warner Music Norway 
11. Play MPE® Marie Noreger & Nedja – A Little Shy

(Rhythmic, Dance, Pop)

12. Play MPE® Bård Berg x Pasha – Loose It Again Warner Music Norway 
13. Play MPE® Kjartan Lauritzen – Shakira Warner Music Norway 
14. Play MPE® Moyka – Already Gone Warner Music Norway 
15. Play MPE® Emma Steinbakken x Hver Gang Vi Møtes – Floden Sony Music Norway 
16. Play MPE® Gorillaz x Bad Bunny – Tormenta Parlophone 
17. Play MPE® Ed Sheeran – Eyes Closed Atlantic Records UK 
18. Play MPE® Jonas Benyoub x Karpe – TRILLE Warner Music Norway 
19. Play MPE® Makosir – Solgte løgner Warner Music Norway 
20. Play MPE® Susanne Sundfør – fare thee well (radio edit) Warner Music Norway 

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