Nick Papadakis – Just A Gigolo

Labels:Dez Records
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:04:13
From the Album:Just A Gigolo
Formats:Jazz,Smooth Jazz
Available Date & Time: Mar 26 2019 03:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: n/a

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KKJZ DJ Bubba Jackson- "you need to listen to this, its different, its unique and Nick has something you're not going to find anywhere else, listen to that voice"!


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“Success is in the attempt." Those are the wise words given to rising jazz vocalist Nick Papadakis by his acting coach Richard Lepore while Nick was tirelessly pursuing his dream of a career in entertainment. Years later Nick has released his debut as a solo artist with an EP entitled Some Times. This EP has been long awaited in Nick’s long career in entertainment. Some Times is a 5-track collection of jazz standards with an updated sound and feeling.


Nick’s love for music began early on. At age of 6, Nick knew he wanted to become a jazz singer when his parents bought a stereo and his father told him to listen to a Frank Sinatra album. After listening to it front to back, Nick knew his destined career path. “He was just so damn cool,” Nick says about the legendary Sinatra. In addition to being inspired by Sinatra, Nick also was also inspired by the great vocal range of Sam Cooke and the smooth seductive originality of Smokey Robinson.

Nick took singing lessons, and voice acting instruction, taking voice-over jobs for commercials, documentaries, television and radio, podcasts, industrial video and more. In addition, he formed a band and performed around L.A. where he developed his dapper stage presence. "I had to work harder and longer hours than ever before. My story and the sacrifices I made to work to achieve my dream, which is, to earn the privilege to sing for a live audience and make a genuine connection with the people. For me, it is an all or nothing life decision achievement. And none of it has come easily."
Nick finally linked up with celebrated veteran hit producer Mark Paladino. Mark was impressed with Nick's artistic development, moreover Mark became infected (his own words) with Nick's passion and commitment to do this project. He genuinely perceived Nick's do or die commitment and Mark came to believe that Nick could and would deliver.

Here are but a few of Mark's professional credits: He was lead singer and song writer for the popular L.A. based power pop group The Makers. Mark worked with Paul Fishkin to help produce Billie Idol, Bernie Taupin, Stevie Nicks, Montell Jordan, Tupac Shakur to name just a few. Mark's work with Stevie Nicks earned the record label a platinum record as well as many other gold records made possible by Mark's work.

Nick and Mark began working together. This is where the magic happened; it was during this time that Nick found his signature voice as a solo artist and developed his unique sound. “I think it was an expression that had always been there but was chained up. Essentially, it was the real me coming out,” he says.  



Desiree Papadakis
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