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100 Thousand




Sometimes you hear a new voice that just has it, and New Zealand’s Navvy, known better to her friends and family as Phoebe Lee Jasper is just one of those voices.


Born and raised in Auckland, Jasper arrived at pop music while studying at university. With a childhood background in classical and musical theatre, it wasn’t a direction she’d ever really expected to head down, but once she stepped outside of her comfort zone, it was transformational. “I learned everything I know about songwriting from that degree,” she says. “I also made some of my best friends I have ever had, who are now my writing team.”


“I don’t know that I really have a choice,” she says when asked about her motivations for making music. “I’m head over heels for music and the deep joy it brings me. There is nothing else that makes me feel the way I do when I play music. I struggled a lot with figuring out who I was when I was growing up, and I found great comfort in music. I would love to give that to other people, especially young women.”


After releasing her sensational debut single ​‘Subliminal’​, New Zealand’s ​Navvy​ (aka Phoebe Lee Jasper) returns with new track ​‘100 Thousand’​. The track begins with Navvy lamenting about a recent breakup: ​“I’ve been looking up if I can do die from heartbreak/ but now I’ve realised I’ve cried enough”​. After this moment the song shifts into a defiant response to an unfaithful ex.


“100 Thousand came from a place of helplessness in the loss or love, but turning that into strength, and realising that I’m going to be absolutely fine. At the same time as thinking of all of the things I could do to get back at someone that did something so terrible, I’m realising that there’s no point because there are so many people in the world that will be better to me than he was”.


‘100 Thousand’ ​combines Navvy’s razor-sharp hooks around a gripping tale of recovering from a relationship that turned sour. After the intense rush of ​‘Subliminal’,​ ​‘100 Thousand’​ smolders with a slow-burn intensity that marks Navvy out as a force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned for more news.


New Zealand alt-pop artist ​Navvy ​releases new single ​‘100 Thousand’  

The release follows her acclaimed debut single ​Subliminal’


Praise for ‘Subliminal’

“a gutsy alt-pop sound on her enticing introduction”​- Line Of Best Fit

“all sorts of electro-pop bliss”– Wonderland

A divine mini-epic that perfectly showcases Navvy's ambitions”​- ​Clash





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