Natalie Jean – All I Want

Labels:Natalie Jean Music
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:20
From the Album:All I Want
Available Date & Time: Oct 19 2018 08:00:00 EDT
Impact Date: Oct 19 2018 00:00:00


Versatile Haitian Artist, Natalie Jean wins Female Artist of The Year – Multi-Genre in the 2018 Josie Music Awards and Entertainer of The Year in the 2018 KICMA Awards!!

Natalie Jean releases her latest Holiday single, “All I Want.”


A recent quote from Jamsphere Magazine – “When thinking of premier female vocalists who’ve delivered timeless music that has ministered to our souls, the name Natalie Jean can now be added to that list. Natalie Jean has the voice, the attitude, and the way with a melody that could have her riding the charts with piles of pop-crossover potential for years and years to come.


If you manage to get through this winter and the Christmas season, without having her latest single, “All I Want” permanently engraved in your brain, it’s probably because you already have it tattooed all over your heart. The song is emotionally driven, romance-centric, and attuned to the festive season where desire and endowment meet.”

Natalie Jean is a very rare kind of vocalist.  Winning recognition across the most diverse of musical genres and quite comfortable performing in English, French and Creole. She has been nominated over 70 times for her music and has won many awards.

Most recently, “All I Want” won a Bronze medal in the Global Music Awards.


To learn more about Natalie Jean, you can go to her website, WWW.NATALIE-JEAN.COM and her social media links:



Natalie Jean


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